Wood burning Hobo stove

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  1. I saw this on another forum, and thought it looked pretty cool. It's a pretty basic wood burning stove that you can make from a lot of different things depending on what you have around you. I bought an empty paint can from the hardware store for $1.89. The only other thing you need is a church key, which is something everyone should have in there BOB. Here we go.....

    It's very simple to build. Just work your church key around your container




    It's hard to see from this picture, but the water is boiling. Took about 12 minutes

    One thing that turned out to be a problem was the pot sitting directly on top of the can. It didn't smother the fire just made it smoke a lot more. I stuck a old broken wrench between the pot, and the paint can, and it improved airflow drastically.
  2. Thats a great idea, will have to remember that one.

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    I think there is suposed to be an opening at the bottom front where you feed the fire and another opening at the top back for the smoke to exit.

    The ones we made in the Girl Scouts worked fine.

    You can also find instructions in a book called "Roughing It Easy".

    Or you could google in "home made camping stoves" and surprise yourself.
  4. Yea theres a million different ways to build a stove. The way you speak of Debbie does work very well even in the wind. I thought this one looked kinda neat so I thought I'd give her a shot. :)
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    That's pretty cool

    I was hunting and found a old dumpground. There were old beer cans that were opened with a church key. I thought that was cool. The old days. Think about that. Are we going forward or backwards.
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    Re: That's pretty cool

    I resent the reference to me being old, we used to use church keys, and in fact most of us had one that folded in half on our ring of keys, LOL
    note the type size for geriatric eyeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That is a great improvised stove . It even has a handle to carry it with .Hey Doc, I'm just glad I can still remember beer that opened with a church key :lol: .

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    Ya JB watch it with that kind of talk :wink: Now you really make me feel old geesh :lol:
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    I'm leaving this site

    If I can't make a simple comment without pissing some off I have no business here.
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    What do you mean? you are old :lol: :wink:
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    I tried to delete my profile

    Anything can be twisted into something it's not. I have alot of trust and value with the friends. I'm 38 so church keys where not in the picture unless you had to open can of evaporated milk. And 38 years is a long time. If I made you feel old I'm sorry but I'm not going to be a regular on this site to make friends who give me a hard time because I'm younger than them. I will not be played with like that.
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    Joe I am more than positive they were joking with you. As the smiley's are the give away not to mention it did come from shooter.

    Also at the end Of DOK's post he has an LOL Wicth stands for Laugh out loud
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    I take my post serious. I need to spend some time to chill out. This bug out stuff if getting to me. I want to be able to take care of myself and the others that believe in me. Like I said from the start, I need to recharge my batteries and have clean water to drink.
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    I apoligize

    I respect my elders and hope to learn alot from you, sorry i'm young. I just want to know that when I bug out, I will have my plan togeather. I live 4 miles from the Red River so I can put my little boat on the water and disappear, I will have most things covered.

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    joebob take it easy we are only joking with you I'm 47 almost 48 [I call it old cause that's how I feel bodywise]
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    That's not old

    You soung like someone I would want on my side to stop me from stupid decisions. I'm full of ideas. I belive that we can beat anything they send our way.
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    Been waiting to ask this question. Have you noticed any corrosion on this devise since the burn ? I know that alot of burn barrles will corrode faster after they have been heated to high temps. Just currious if this looks like it could last over the long haul. Thanks
  18. I don't think corrosion will be a big problem since most paint cans are aluminum. Plus, they're even making plastic ones now. Imagine if we're around long enough to see them not made out of any kind of metal anymore. Maybe we should add that to the disaster kit now!!
  19. No corrosion, but there is indication that it has been used. It's still completly functional, but covered in sut that wipes off with a rag or paper towel. I would imagine over time from the constant heating, and cooling it would take it's toll on the rather thin metal, but for the price it costs to build it's almost disposable.

  20. Dude, you can go talk to any painter and get empty paint cans for free, how much does it really cost to make? I think it's an ingenious idea, and a hell of an operational stove for a SHTF event. Great idea, I will be using it in the future.