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  1. i have a friend that wants to surprise his son with wood grips made for 4 of his hi-point pistols for his birthday. there is or was a guy on here and ebay that did. anybody know how to get hold of him so i can hook this father up with the maker? thank you.
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  3. Thanks Swaga. This wasn't who I was looking for but his work is superb. I found the guy on Ebay but he has nothing listed so I emailed him through Ebay to contact me and see if he is still making grips to help a fellow out on a facebook closed Hi-Point group that is wanting to surprise his son with wood grips for his pistols a 380, 9mm, 40, and 45. I appreciate your help.
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    Buyer beware, the eBay grips are nothing like TM's grips.
    In the last two years we've had many ( really.... MANY) threads about two things:

    1. Magazines

    You may buy a $20 set of grips and spend 4-6 hrs on getting them to fit and get the gun to work correctly.
    On a HiPoint the grips are not only cosmetic they keep several parts in place such as the mag release spring and the safety.
    There have been beaucoup issues with cheap aftermarket or home made grips.
    Do your friend a favor and buy him some more expensive but very pretty and guaranteed functional grips.

    Just my 02 cents......
  5. Good advice, thanks Swaga