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  1. Anyone using a pellet stove? What are you using (brand/s) for pellets and how much is it costing you?
    I got CUBEX which was $269. a ton. Now they are $279. Delivery went from $50. this past Nov. when I bought the pellets and stove to now $75.!
    They told me to get them now because they will be around $300. a ton by the end of this summer early fall.
    Saved roughly $1500. on oil using the pellet stove this past winter. Oil around here right now...the cheapest is $3.69 and I am at 1/4 tank. Not sure whether to hold off or fill up now.........................
    I really do not know how people are going to afford this come next winter.
  2. I live in the coal regions so naturally use coal for heating, anthracite is cleaner, not smelly and longer burning than the soft coal and is cheaper by far even than pellets.
    We have electric heat which is just as bad as oil so the coal stove really helps, we use about 2 tons per year.

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    I have not had any heating bills in over 30 years. I am a left over from the Mother Earth News era. I have a good wood stove and a geed chain saw. Right now I have a wood pile that is 16' x 12' x 7'. You can do the math on how many cords that is. I never liked the idea of pellets or corn stoves. You are still dependent on some big manufacturing facility for your fuel. I find mine where ever I find it. Along the road, in friends back yard, or in my own back yard.
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    Make your own pellets? Recycle paper and newspaper into pellets, Im sure there is a way.
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    Granted people don't associate Arizona with heating bills, but as I've found out first hand: We need it, especially in the Northern portions of the state!

    Then again, in Arizona we have a nice luxury of having or electricity being produced by low to zero emissions means: Hydroelectric and Nuclear provide nearly 80% of our state's power needs. I'm a huge fan of the nuke plants, especially when you realize we haven't built a new plant with "new" technology in nearly a quarter of a century! I honestly think that the US SHOULD revisit Nuclear options, espeically with the new technologies out there that make the power generation method simpler and far more safe (not that it doesn't alreay have an excellent safety rating in comparison to other power generation methods).
  6. Yes, you do have to depend on the "others" for your fuel which does suck, but I'm not as young as I use to be and I'm all done cutting, splitting, stacking, lugging in the house wood. I still do use it here and there but not as much. I have plenty of tree's out in my back yard and like you said, side of the road etc.. That's the way to do it.
    I have the wood stove and about 4 cords set. Always got to have backup too......don't forget the generator!
    The point you said about depending on someone else. One of the other brands of pellets that are made actually right here in NH is "slowing down" as I was told becuase of less houses are being built.
    I'm just glad I got my fireplace and woodstove (with plenty of wood), pellet stove, generator, beer and of course........plenty of ammo :wink: .
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    I absolutely agree with you on nuclear power! The "safety systems" in place for incidents like three mile island, were a total joke compared to the technology available today. It's been a bunch of fear-mongering that has prevented us from building any new plants. Nothing more.
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    My only real problem with nuclear power is we don't have the infrastructure to properly dispose of the spent rods. Currently, spent rods are permanently stored in 'temporary' facilities. These are basically giant swimming pools that keep the rods at a (relatively) reasonable temperature. Did I mention that spent rods are actually hotter than new rods and get hotter as they sit? If the containment pool isn't continually replenished with new water, the rods will evaporate it all and then start trading protons and crap and get hotter and hotter until they erupt in atomic fire. Without human intervention, the containment pool can only take care of it self for six days before the generators run out of diesel.

    Beyond that, yeah, go nuclear power.
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    Lowe's here in ohio had pellets for $180.00 a ton two months ago. I have had a corn/pellet stove for about 5 years now, and love it. This is the first year I burned pellets, because it's actually cheaper and cleaner to burn than corn now.
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    Anytime we make a major shift of energy source, we're going to have to build infrastructure. This is nothing new. It's when you half-ass something, that you end up with half-ass solutions such as our present situation.

    Now, if I could only find that box I misplaced, after I solved this whole problem...

    Dammit, dammit, dammit! If I could only find my Cold Fusion cell!

    I think it was probably taken when those Mexicans broke into my basement and robbed me. :wink:
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    Well, that was kind of the problem with the first nuclear power boom (pun unintended): they half-arsed the final stage of the process. Disposal.

    Nobody wants spent nuclear rods in their backyard and so the feds and business folks had a hard time finding places to store the damn things. I honestly really do like the concept of nuclear power...it's just the end waste that's hard to deal with. Really, really hard to deal with.

    And to get back on discussion: don't burn coal in a wood stove or you'll have your own little 3 Mile Island incident.
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    When we burned coal in our wood stove, we always burned it WITH wood. Straight coal would turn the stove red-hot. If you add a little coal in with the wood, you can be efficient without melting anything. ;)
  13. HELP! Quick someone call the Marines and National Guard, Neo and I agree on something.
    What is this world coming to?
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    You must be turnin' Commie! :lol:
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    I have 2 Whitfield pellet stoves, one standing upright model in the basement, and one fireplace insert. We use the insert one almost exculsively in the winter time. I got 2 tones from my local Tractor Supply store last fall, I think the price was around $265 a ton, but I'm not sure. I tried cut wood in the fireplace, I'll never deal with that mess again. The pellets are in the garage when I need them, no muss, no fuss.