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Wood Stock for the 995?

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I saw there was a buzz about a wood stock for the 995 maybe a week ago.

I just got word that I'm getting a donation of some wood carving tools. my 995 should arrive anyday now and im looking forward to trying my hand at carving stocks.

Does anyone have any experience w/ this? any tips?
any idea what sort of blank I should start w/?

only blanks ive found start at $25, id rather get low quality stuff for $5-10 so i can mess up a few times w/out feeling bad.
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This sounds like a fun venture, so keep us posted on any/all attempts and results you get with the project.
Wow, a wooden stock for the 995. That WILL be interesting.
I could go for that.
i have a nice piece of maple set a side to try a one just have not started yet
I have no experience with this, but I've given it some thought. That said, my primary suggestion is to agree that you should start cheap and work through a few prototypes before committing to good wood. I'm planning to get my blanks at Home Depot :D but, with that approach, it helps to have access to some power tools. If you don't, and if I can help in some way, let me know.
I'm planning to get my blanks at Home Depot :D but, with that approach, it helps to have access to some power tools. If you don't, and if I can help in some way, let me know.
I wonder if the 12Ga Automotive tool would work w/ stocks too.

I plan on starting w/ some scrap lumber ive got laying around the garage.
You can always start with a clay model first too. It's the easiest to work with to get a design that you like and then you can carve the wood out based upon the clay model. Clay is malleable, inexpensive, and reusable. That's the route that I'd take to start with.

I've liked this idea since it was first mentioned, and it has been in the "to do" lost for a while. Hopefully I will get to make an attempt by the end of '08. The only decision, aside from design will be 1 main piece like the ATI, or split like factory. Hmmm...
Tools just arrived in the mail today. Ill have to find some lumber and get started.

Im gonna have to just copy my Mini14 stock for now since i dont have my 995 yet.

Huggy, why would you go through the trouble of carving a stock only to split it in 2?
I want checkered wood grips for my C9 pistol....
If you're concerned about the fit when it comes to carving the stock or the risk of bashing up a good piece of rare wood, you could always try a technique I've been using for over a decade in prop manufacturing: Styrofoam!

It's cheap, easy to sculpt and can give you an idea of where to progress when it comes to the real media at pennies a cubic foot.
I commented on this in the old forums. I've seen a couple of killer hand-carved stocks while my dad was making them, and the process really isn't that difficult, provided the gun is designed for it. The problem I foresee with the 995 is that the bolt slides back into the stock as it ejects and loads. This leaves a dangerously thin piece of wood covering that area of the stock, where plastic is already molded thin enough, strong enough. I have a feeling that synthetics are the way to go in the custom stock world with the 995. A foam/fiberglass stock has a lot of potential, so long as there is something added to the butt stock to keep it from stress cracking. Or perhaps a wooden stock with a metal slide cover. I think an all wooden stock leaves a little to be desired in longevity, unfortunately.
Sorry silverado, I was unclear. I was thinking of making the stock in 2 halves, and putting them together. For me, it would have to be ghetto fabricated using mostly basic shop tools, and from scratch... no blanks. I figure if I do it in halves, I can do most of the work with a router, and hand carve any tricky parts. I'm curious to see how many variations may come of this. Come on guys, lets see those ideas!
I should really be more careful when I throw out random ideas on this forum. I think Huggy's idea of doing the stock in pieces (like the AK) would probably work best.

Best of luck with your Mansfield Sluggers.

I think that a nice wood stock for my 995 would be great I just wonder why no one sells them.
I think they'd be pretty labor-intensive as compared to the market demand. Lot of gun snobs out there. I'm just happy that the ATI came along.

No worries about the idea Bridge, we'll only give you credit if it goes wrong :wink:
You did say the magic letters though... AK. I was actually thinking of trying plywood,mainly because when the two halves go together there are no visible seams. Now that AK was mentioned I'm looking at the AK and 995, and thinking of maybe trying something with seperate buttstock and hand guard.
I need to stay away from this forum, it gives me too many project ideas! :twisted:
Actually, I think what I originally mentioned was my surprise that no one had tried to carve a Dragunov stock for a 995 Ã la:

Although this might be equally nice:

I'm sure either one could be accomplished with only about 120 hours of labor and $500 which is reasonable for a carbine that costs $189. :D

And I want no credit at all since I'm sure somebody's gonna be losing some digits, either to a jigsaw or a spouse.

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The race is on! whos gonna be the first to develop a wooden stock for the carbine?

im not talking about a sloppy 2bit job or a block of 2x4 bolted to the gun, but a medium to hi-quality stock
So... I should un-bolt the block of 2x4?? :D :shock:
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