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Wood Stock for the 995?

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I saw there was a buzz about a wood stock for the 995 maybe a week ago.

I just got word that I'm getting a donation of some wood carving tools. my 995 should arrive anyday now and im looking forward to trying my hand at carving stocks.

Does anyone have any experience w/ this? any tips?
any idea what sort of blank I should start w/?

only blanks ive found start at $25, id rather get low quality stuff for $5-10 so i can mess up a few times w/out feeling bad.
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Anyone caught using 2x4's and zinc coated bolts will be disqualified from the 995 Wood Stock Race. Huggy... :)
Oh, great Rimfire, next you're gonna say no duct tape. You're starting to sound like a homebuild snob. :lol:
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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