Wooo Hooo... Got me a 995 today!!!!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by rimfirehunter, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Finally got me a 995!!!!!! I ended up trading one of my muzzleloading shooting buddies a TC New Englander .50cal's straight up for his 995.

    He bought the 995 last week for $149 NIB (+tax) shot 50rds thru it and decided he didnt like pistol caliber carbines. He was on his way to the gun shop, was gonna use it as a trade on a mil-surp, when he stoped by the house. I looked it over and was like YES! He never even took the orange sticker off the stock but did swab the bore good after his shoot. I got the whole NIB package in exchange for the New Englander .50cal.

    I hated to see the New Englander go, but with the back problems I have there is no way I could have ever shot it again, even with plinking loads it has too much recoil for me to handle. Soo... He is happy and I am happy and looking forward to a range trip tomorrow.

  2. Good for you RFH! It's about time something good happened around your house.

    Oh, and BTW....

    [​IMG] :wink:

  3. Congrats. Now go to the range and let the fun begin.
  4. Its about time you joined the carbine sickness.
  5. Primal,

    No time for a pic this evening, but its the plain jane 995 with the open sights installed. I know a lot of you 995 guys like the ATI stock, but this one will keep its factory hardware for a while, kinda like the Planet of the Ape's look...LOL!

    The weather kinda stinks here right now, went from high 60's light wind to low 40's high winds by dark, so hopefully it will be decent enough to shoot by 9am in the morning,. Gonna start off with the open sights and see how it shoots, then will install the scope rail and see how it performs with the red dot and compact 2.5x optical I have on hand. After I get a feel for what works best on this carbine, and my shooting style with it, I will then set it up in that config.

    Now... need to scrounge thru the Carbine section for tip's and tricks just to get a feel for this gun before hitting the range...LOL!

  6. Okay, do we need to read the riot act here?????? We can get pictures of the 995 off quite a few web sites - but we CAN'T get pics of yours!!!!

    So, suck it up soldier - you owe us pics! :twisted: :lol: :lol:

    ---- oh, and CONGRATS on your new toy! :D :D
  7. Dockem

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    kinda like the Planet of the Ape's look... :lol:

    That's a great visual! Goodun!