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  1. It came...It finally came.

    I am honored to inform you that I am the proud new owner of a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit!

    Yeah Baby, Who's Da Man?

    I can't wait to go and carry somewhere now!!!
  2. Strangerous

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    Grab the largest pistol you have and go to the Waffle House... that's what I did... :lol:

  3. Very cool. Congrats!
  4. condition1

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    isn't it a great feeling? congratulations

    oh and yeah, feel free to carry to the next state to the west. We honor almost every state's license!!
  5. Tennessee is safe all ready!!!! con gratulations man
  6. It does feel amazing. My family and I are going to the Y tonight to sign my daughter up for summer swim classes. Unless they have the Tennessee Code Annotated sign prohibiting guns inside, I will be carrying in there. I feel like a new man. It took 8 weeks from the time my Dad and I attended the class to get it. We both got them today. Make sure and congratulate sbroomheadsr as well!
  7. Congrats to both of you!!

    I'm thinking of getting a CCW permit myself I just don't like how much it costs to get it.
    I guess I'll just have to sell a few things on Ebay & get me some extra money.
  8. Congratulations on the arrival Bh!
  9. well, hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to join teh ranks of the proud CHP owners club.

    although, I'll probably not be carrying my HP22 as a BUG as I had previously thought, since I'll also probably have a new (to me) Keltec P3AT by that time...

    congratulations man.
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    Congratulations. Just got fingerprinted today for my CHL. Hopefully I will have it by the end of the month or sooner.
  11. Congrats!! I can't take my class until July 24th!! They have it set up so you can submit your papers and get your permit the next week here in Michigan!!! Of course it helps having a small court system so they don't have as much going on!
  12. Unfortunately, Davidson County (Nashville, Tn) has an extensive Department of Safety system. It took 6 1/2 weeks from the time I submitted the paperwork and got fingerprinted, till yesterday when it came in the mail. After about 2 weeks I started checking the mail everyday, almost became obsessive about it.

    Just for the info, I will proudly be carrying my C9 as my main gun, and my NAA mini-revolver as my BUG. Sometimes I might just carry the mini-revolver for dressier occasions or just quick trips to the store. Unfortunately, those are the only two guns that I currently own, so I'm kind of limited in what I can carry.
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    its good to have a dress gun!!!
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    I am sure the first time carrying your attention to the surroundings went up 100%.