Words dumbest deer at the range today

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  1. greg_r

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    She knows you can't shoot her yet, season ain't in.

    Kind of like the turkeys at the house, see them nearly every day in the back yard . But let the season open and walk out back with a shotgun. You would think they were extinct!

  2. ace

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    We had that happen while sighting in rifles a few days before deer season. Three muleys ran right across bout 50 yards away.

    But I think the deer is telling how good of a shot you are! Just standing there laughing at you.

    Even though that's totally a dick move on that deer's part.
  3. Man we had the same thing happen to us!! The deer just looked at us like.."is that all you brought?" That's crazy. Several mags of 7.62 and it didn't flinch.
  4. Yea I did sense some attitude with this one, just stood there looking at me, right after I dumped a 30 round mag as fast I could to piss the guy with the .22 next to me with huge binoculars taking about 5 minutes per shot.
  5. cicpup

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    So you dumped $10 worth of ammo to annoy the guy popping off $0.08 rounds? Well, you sure showed him.
  6. EvilE424

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    I bet she was singing this in her head:) [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjQMhsOQOB8[/ame]

  7. Yes, yes I did. Good to have a job, and thousands of rounds of the calibers I shoot
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    I was at a cowboy action match that had 75 shooter standing around four posse shooting we had to stop the match to chase a doe and a fawn off the range
  9. Bastards, my friends and unusually get more deer with
    Our trucks than actually hunting for them
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  11. EvilE424

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    Mm deer meat! Yes let's expand the season before the coyotes get worse
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  13. ive had this happen to me a few times, the worse was a family of 5 skunks cross the trap field in front of us one evening between us and the trap house , needless to say we let her and the 4 babies have her right of way ,
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    tall i read the first page and was so getting ready to post that.
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    I had a rabit sit and watch me shoot about 300 rounds of 22lr through my 15/22.
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    Damn. You are more right than wrong. Lol.