Words of Warning for Trading Zone & Classified Users!

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    Just a few words of Warning for those who Enter into Sale's, Trade's or Gift's of Items.

    (1.) If you get "Ripped Off" you are "100% ON YOUR OWN"! HI-Point Firearms Forum "WILL NOT ENTER" into any "DISPUTE" or try too "MEDIATE" any Issue's which arise from any transaction conducted from Items posted in this section.

    (2.) If The Owners and Moderators of Hi-Point Firearms Forum feel any Item or Items which are posted for Sale, Trade or as a Gift is "Inappropriate" or Violate any Civil, State or Federal Law for any reason that thread listing the item will be removed ASAP.

    (3.) Hi-Point Firearms Forum Can Not More Strongly Advise that any transaction which involves a Firearm be done through a Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL) to assure Buyer/Seller legal legitimacy to buy or sell a firearm.

    (4.) The following items are "FORBIDDEN" and can not be listed in any way on the Hi-Point Firearms Forum, Armor Piecing Ammunition, Class Three Firearm Parts (Machine Gun Trigger Parts) Bullet Proof Vests, Shotgun Barrels which measure under 18.5 inches, Rifle Barrels which measure under 16.0 inches. Any Narcotic or Pharmaceutical Substance, Pornographic Pictures, Tapes, DVDs or Files. Literature which covers the Manufacture of Bombs, Explosives, Booby Traps, Narcotic's, Silencers, Trigger Group Modification to Full Auto and any Subject or Item the Owners or Moderators deem for any reason as unfit for this section which is not covered here.

    (5.) Hi-Capacity Magazine's, Many States Forbid or Restrict Magazines which contain more then 10 rounds of loaded ammunition. Sellers and Buyer are responsible to know the laws concerning this matter for their home States. If you get busted Selling or Buying a Magazine which violates your local laws its shame on you as Hi-Point Firearms Forum is in no way responsible for "YOUR" "NEGLIGENT" "ACTION" of not knowing the magazine restrictions of your residing state.

    (6.) The Owners of the Hi-Point Firearms Forum Allow the Trading Zone and Classified section too exist as a Free, Non Guaranteed service to are members. Hi-Point Firearms Forum reserves the right to remove this section at any time and without prior notice for any reason deemed by its owners.
  2. Also a reminder:

    The trading zone is not a discussion area. It is for the buying and selling of items. IF you are not selling and item, or directly asking a question about the item, your post will be removed without warning. Repeat violators may also face suspension, and or,revocation of posting privileges.