Work Christmas gift!

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  1. My boss gave me this for Christmas! I drink a lot of coffee at work about 2 pots a night but hey i work 40-70hrs a week and go to school for 19hrs a week so i am a little bit of a caffeen (sp) hound

  2. Dude - you work your tail off! Reminds me of my own days of 3 hours asleep per night - when I was lucky. It WILL pay off, you hang in there.

    Merry Christmas to you!

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    The city superintendent got all us worker drones a gift basket of country ham, bacon, and sausage from a local organic farmer. I opened it up and said, "They got us a puppy!"
  4. I have always LOVED The Far Side. I wish he'd never given up the pen.... The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes.... 2 best cartoons of the century IMHO.
  5. I'm a Gov't contractor, so the guys I work with are from several different companies (L3, General Dynamics...) so everyone was gettin different stuff. Well I watched different things show up for the different employees like watches, jackets, gift baskets. Then I got mine. It was an email sayin thanks for all the hardwork and so on. Wasn't even to me, blanket email to everyone in the company at my site. Kinda their way of sayin "we aint gettin you guys shit, so no point in waiting"

  6. Wow thats f-uped i would have thought at least a card or somthing.
  7. I'll just duck out of work 15 minutes early a few times, that'll make up for it plenty.
  8. We got a $25.00 Visa card. I gave mine to a needy family whos father has Lou Gerags disease.
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    Boss man said our bonus would be a percentage of any profit from projects we billed for December...

    I got $4,000 and 30 days paid vacation 8)

  10. Were the hell do you work? i want a job like that! Think of how many high points you could buy................................
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    It wasnt uncommon for me to put in 4-6 hrs OT every week, Among other things, I finished plans for a middle school, a shopping center and %75 billing on a second shopping center. We're an Architectural Firm but we usually stick to custom homes.
    I get assigned to most of the mansions, and I'm sure the commercial stuff really really helped out
  12. The Far Side was one of the best cartoons ever put out in my opinion. I loved the style of humour
  13. Shoot 4-6hrs overtime thats nothing i work on average 60-70hrs per week! anyways congrats on the nice bonus. I like my job and think i will probally retire from it. I couldnt do you job anyways i am horrible with computers and models. :D
  14. Overtime? Bleh, at 4:00 I am done doing any work I plan to do that day, email time. 4:45 I'm taking my last cigarette break. 4:55 I'm standing by the door BSing waiting for the time to count down.
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    Hmm.... After undergoing 4 WEEKS of classes (at 45 hours/week), helping all other associates open a new store 2 months ahead of schedule, assignment to a department that uses NONE of my training (selling appliances), becoming the top selling associate in that department, and getting fired, then re-hired on a probationary status in order to have cash to move back to Phoenix, I was greeted with:

    A cheap-a** $10 tool belt. Yep. No bonus. No overtime allowed. A cheap $10 tool belt that isn't even brand name, not even sold in the store and doesn't even have room to carry a cordless drill on it.

    The sad part is: Everyone got the same thing....except for the General Manager, Retailing Manager and Assistiant Manager. I know because I got the privilage of selling one of those managers a $4,000 washer and dryer set in order to "help spend his bonus". What a jerk....

    Can't wait to move out of here and get back to a real city. That and I can't wait for the publisher to get their rear in gear.... Need this book to sell!
  16. I'd take a toolbelt over an email anyday! But that is funny that it was a cheap one that wasnt even sold in the store. Musta been bought in bulk on clearance from "the other guys"
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  18. I need to go up to harbor freight and look around, maybe get some afterxmas sales action. Find myself a cheap neo belt too.