Working on the ATI stock install-a few

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by mattmacklind, Jan 7, 2008.

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    So I got the new stock today and ordered an illuminated scope that was on sale as well. I started the install only to realize the ATI stock didn't come with any screws. I don't know if it is suposed to or not, but mine didn't have any. I had some perfect size anyway so it worked out on that issue except for two spots which I will address as issue #2.

    Issue #1 of course was the fit of the two main bolts that attach the action housing to the rest of the gun after the install of the stock. Everything fit together well except for the front bolt, its just a few hairs short of fitting right. Now I know why people mention Dremel all the time. I don't have one, so I will file it down later.

    Issue #2 is not having any screws with the stock. I need the screw that holds the mag release button in, or one that will work, and I need a screw that keeps the main U-slide hold from sliding out on the bottom.

    Other than that I'm pretty straght. I also need a rail for the scope I bought. I'm missing the center piece for the rail that came with the gun, I don't know where it disappeared to. I'll probably pick one up this weekend at a gun show.

    Anyway, here's an idea how tings are shaping up. 95% done. Took me about two hours I suppose, but I as working slow. The last pic is of the trouble spots.

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    I and elricfate had the same problem. I installed mine yesterday. It's common for the front bolts to not line up properly. Elricfate dremeled his stock, I removed the action and got a drill bit slightly larger than the hole and just drilled the dang thing. See our posts on the first page of this section :)

    Did you get the rubber shock absorber piece that goes inside the stock behind the action? If I recall correctly the screws came in a bag inside a larger bag containing the plastic cover for the rear of the receiver and the rubber piece I just mentioned.