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  1. Ok I am geting ready to start loading 9mm. i am using 125 gr lrn from missourri bullet, and i am using hodgon clays. i have some load data, but i am wanting to expiriment. how do i tell if i am overpressuring the round.I am using the clays, mostly because you dont hav eto use very much, and my uncle has had excellent results. Any advice would be helpfull in working up your own loads.
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    If you are just starting it is better to use a powder that takes a little more to make a load. Unique is like that when compared to like bullseye. This is more forgiving to learn with. It also makes it hard to get a double load as the brass wont hold a double load.

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    Load data, from powder manufacturer.
  4. Use load data from the manf and start at the lowest load and make 10 bullets then shoot them for accuracy.

    Go up in .2 increments this way untill you reach your most accurate load without exceeding max charge.

    Example - If starting load is 3.6 and max load is 4.6 then make 10 of each at 3.6, 3.8, 4.0, 4.2, 4.4 and 4.6 Then pick the load that is most accurate.

    You will need to do this for each weight or style of bullet you plan on loading for exabple you will need to do this if you are going from a 115 gr bullet to a 124 gr, or from FMJ to lead or from RN to hollow point.

    Hope this helps.
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    pressure signs include flattened primers, bulged or stretched cases, difficult extraction.

  6. Virgil,

    +1 to what .45acp said. Start your loads on the bottom end of the data charts, load small batches of each load till you get to the max. NEVER EVER exceed the max loads listed in the data charts.

    +1 to what Ari said. Best for a beginner to start with a powder that will not allow double charges. Its really easy to miss a double charge when loading with powders like Universal Clays, HP-38, W231 etc etc. Unique is a good beginner powder and a good all around pistol powder.

    +1 to what SW said. No matter what charge weights you are using inspect each fired case for signs of pressure.

    When I work up Cast Lead loads I try and stay on the lower half of the published data charts, this gives me decent range ammo while keeping leading to a minimal. Been working with Hunters Supply 115gr Hard Cast LRN's lately in my C9 and S&W 9VE, HP-38 powder loaded on the lower end and no leading issues at all.

    Good luck and stay safe.
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    With Lead bullets I usually start so that the weapon doesn't cycle. I use Trail Boss powder. I work the load up until the weapon cycles then watch the rifling carefully and if the barrel is leading a lot I take the charge down. With my HP 9mm and 45 handguns that is about 750 fps. With the Carbine that gives about 850 fps and the weapon is quieter than a 22 rifle.

    I am usually well below the published loads. Trail Boss is very unique in that it is very bulky and fills the round well with just a few grains. I can't get enough TrailBoss in 9mm to make my Ruger semiAuto cycle reliably.
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    When you are testing your reloads, if you are uncertain at any time after firing. Unload and clear the weapon. Push a cleaning rod through the barrel to ensure you do not have a squib load. To make mistakes is human and sometimes we forget to put powder in the cases. It happens..