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  1. Something you don't see everyday. :lol: Gave my 1997 Grand Prix GT with 284,000 and no dents to my daughter for her 16th birthday last
    August. The car is pretty banged up (none daughters fault) but motor has never been opened.

  2. Wow dude, that's a bunch of miles.

    I had 201,000 on my Toyota when I traded it in on my Z71. That's not bad for only changing a starter out on it twice in 8 years.

  3. Found the picture on my desktop when I got home from work. Its till her everyday driver. most of the damage came from some guys trying to do a box in scam on her and it backfired. Still working on pressing charges.
  4. Is her insurance paying for the damage to the car?
  5. No, only had liability :( His ins. is the same so am trying to get replacement thru the driver that rear ended her.
  6. I'm glad to see another vehicle get up there and still run good. The wifes 98 Chrysler Minivan is getting close to 200,000 miles and runs great. I am hoping to get at least 300,000 out of it if I keep the engine and tranny fluids changed regularly
  7. Well, once you get the charges done, she can get a new model :). I hate those people, seriously. I myself find that Chrysler's and their subsidies tend to hold up pretty good for their age.
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    Is there a way to actually see an older GMs spedometer, as in how many times it rolled over? My '80 malibu is on its third engine, and second transmission. Mileage? 5000 or so since the last rollover. 4000 since I put this latest engine/trans in it.
  9. dang thats a lot of miles. lol.

    My 99 camry has 128,000.
  10. I had a Pontiac Sunbird with 255,000 on it. Was still running good when I sold it for my SUV......what a dumb decision on my part.......that was a great little car.....
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    Lots of miles. Now if it has the 3.1 thats an act of god. We just got rid of my wifes grand am with the 3.1 and it had 215k. It was worked on a crap load of times.
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    Makes me miss my mum's old cars. She would NEVER let go of a machine if she could help it. Her first car, a Mercedes 240D, had 358,000 miles on it and still ran fantastic when she traded it in. The only reason she got rid of it was because of, well, peer pressure. When she got promoted to Chief alot of the officers drove really swanky Peugot turbos and Volkswagens, so she felt she had to get something unique and new.

    The subsequent Suzuki hardtop Samurai she got had 210,000 miles on it when I inherited it (Yes, it was a part of the family that came over with us), and I put another 50k on it before selling it like a dumb little bastard for a BMW 320i. Worst. Decision. Ever.