Would anyone be interested?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm thinking of starting to do some things with Kydex. I'd like to figure a way to mount a Kydex mag holder to the side of the 995. I'm wanting something a little more secure than elastic and I thought Kydex would be the way to go.

    First: Are there other ways that you use to mount clips to the rifle besides elastic shell holders?

    Second: If I came up with a Kydex mag holder to mount to the gun is there anyone interested in buying such a thing?

    Let me know your ideas/opinions.

  2. Second things first:

    Yes: it sounds really interesting, though we need some concepts first. And, as for that...

    I'm not an ATI person, but there are obviously many on the other side. To the extent that such a product could avoid stock-specific configuration, that would be a plus. I'm going to stick to the original until, and if, I do something on my own.

    I've seen comments elsewhere about spares mounted on a left (or right -- depending on handedness) rail. That _sounds_ good, though I have no experience with it to validate its usefulness. But, in this config, the mags are supposedly out there, in easy reach, so it sounds good.

    I also like the idea of embedded mag storage in the hollow stock, so if some easily installable containers could be provided that would be very attractive. And, yes, with such cutting and weakening, further instructions on foam filling would probably be needed.

    In summary: I love entrepreneurs!

  3. For the factory stock I'm envisioning a mag holder attached to the underside of the forend about where your support hand would grip.


  4. That would be pimp! Some concept art or photoshop would be welcome, I'd really like to see what you have in mind.
  5. +1

    I agree that this would be handy and attractive, and would avoid differences in stocks. Give us some concept pix when you can!
  6. I might. I want to either add an elestric strap to my modified rifle shell mag holder, or do something else like this to hold an extra. That way I have an on weapon ammo cap of 50 rounds.
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    I like where your head is Bridge.
    One of the ideas that I've been throwing around while trying to score some extra stocks, is an integral mag storage compartment kind of like the Kel-Tec SU-16A. I want to do it so the mags are friction fit into the stock either by the stock plastic, or maybe light steel.
  8. I'm gonna try to pick up some Kydex sheets off eBay in the couple days. I'll let you know how it turns out.