Would be massacre stopped

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by TeaSipper, May 3, 2014.

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    He made a mistake, the rest of us got lucky.
    What am I missing?

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    What doesn't make sense to you?
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    It doesn't make sense that he was 17 and able to amass such a collection. It doesn't make sense that he admitted to everything.

    It doesn't make sense that we live in a world that this could happen....oh, yes it does, it was predicted over 2, 000 years ago
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    oh great! here we go again. time to slip on the BS proof boots.
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    I've already moved my valuables to the second floor and put on some chest waders.

    They are really playing this one up. I like metal, play guitar, love guns, and enjoy blowing sh*t up. I've probably got enough powder and ammo to set off a few warning bells. Better not rent a storage unit and take my time opening the door.
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    This is in the wrong forum for me to talk about the end part of that... But at 17 I had access to several firearms from hunting, Same with gunpowder. As far as "pyrotechnic chemicals", that could be everything from atomized aluminum powder - something that is used in flash power and has federal restrictions of 2 lbs per year per person before you have to have a permit, to cornstarch something that is used as binder and a thickener in many fireworks. Heck I have seen coffee creamer classified as pyrotechnic chemicals before as it can be used to make one heck of a flame cannon. Otherwise pressure cookers and ball bearings are not illegal or hard to obtain.
  8. I stopped after:
    "If his Facebook page is any indicator, LaDue is partial to the dark side, and he "likes" assault rifles: the AK-101, Heckler & Koch SL8 and Steyr TMP.

    In a photo, he can be seen picking an electric guitar with a skull on its shoulder strap; his preferred bands -- more than 190 of them in total -- are predominantly heavy metal.

    His taste in movies is dominated by blood, gore, combat and fisticuffs. His favorite authors are Stephen King and the master of literary darkness, Edgar Allen Poe.

    He also seems to like to hunt. His avatar is a picture of himself in hunter's orange, posing with a slain deer with a rifle draped over it."

    Know who else is into that stuff? Me.
    Better call the cops, I like guns, heavy metal, great authors, and hunting.
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    Yeah they always make it sound like any of that is damning itself!
  10. Phew I was getting nervous. I thought someone hacked my MySpace page from 2006.

    That describes MILLIONS of teen age boys.

    We are boys we learn threw destruction. What boy didn't dream about making bombs and blowing up chunks of dirt in the woods?
    What boy isn't drawn to gory movies? What boy don't pretend cut up bad guys with stick swords? Seriously why the freaking panic?
  11. all society needs is some thing to blame things on. in stead of taking the responsibility. so it dose not matter what music ,movies or any thing else he liked they will find some thing to blame it on. I too like heavy metal music,horror movies, steven king and I also had my butt warmed for doing the wrong things as a kid BUT you do not see me out killing people. thanks for listening to my rant
  12. That was the tamest rant I've ever seen lol.
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    it was kinda cute tho wasnt it?...:D
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    That he detailed everything he planned to do. Is he expecting a medal? :rolleyes:
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    A medal? Boy do you think small. You'll make a $#!tty mass shooter. He was expecting what they all get. Several months of immortality as the US media makes him a household name. He was just making their lack research easier on them. He guaranteed his fame by following every crappy teen shooter cliché right down to the date chosen. A shame he was too stupid to realize 4-20 fell on a holiday.
  16. 4-20 ain't a holiday. 4-21 is a holiday; I call it Urinalysis Day, when everyone gets called in for a "random" drug test. This year will be my seventh in a row where I'm called in. :p
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    now thats funny. leave it to the military to not be able to figure out what random means.
  18. It's an open secret that it's not random lol. Urinalysis tests are directed by the unit commander, so depending on who you get, you can go years between tests or barely make it a week between tests.
    I have it down to a science. Any time I come back from leave overseas, drug test. Had it done within three days of each of my trips to visit my wife and after my wedding and honeymoon. So I always try to end my leave on a Friday or Saturday so I at least have a couple days to breathe before being forced into a pee-soaked stall with some guy staring straight at the tip telling me to hurry up. But I have never been asked to drug test while taking stateside leave.
    Every year right after 4/20, drug test. In Japan, they had a full squadron recall on the 21st; more than 300 people locked in the compound, being released one at a time after they were done giving their samples.
    It got to the point where if you lived in a seedier part of town, you were drug tested a lot more. I knew a guy in Ohio that lived in West Dayton, he was getting popped couple times a month it seemed like. At first we thought maybe he just was unlucky, but then we had a new guy come in and move down near there, and sure enough, almost the same schedule as the other guy. Two years later he moved to Vandalia, tests stopped cold turkey, and he would get an honest-to-God random test maybe once or twice a year, tops.

    Actually it seem to be breaking the schedule, I came back from Bulgaria over a month ago and no test. So maybe I've escaped that nonsense. But I still fully expect something to come down on the 21st. But that's when my wife gets back from Bulgaria, so I'm driving down to London to spend the day there with her, so yeah, good luck for that BS.
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    i used to have to do the randoms when i was driving a truck. pretty much all driver/office communications were down over the qualcomm which was pretty much just an early form of texting. every few weeks i'd have to run a load thru the main terminal up in Wisconsin. well of course, the first thing you do when you get out of the truck is head for the bathroom. i'd get to the terminal, message dispatch that i was there and head to the john while i waited for a response. and sure enough i'd find a message when i got back that they wanted to see me for a random. they wouldnt say it was a random until i got to the office but we always knew. so now they expected me to head the ury test office on an bladder i already dumped. i never worried about passing tests since i never did drugs but having to wait to reload was a pain.
  20. I'll be honest, I'm a nervous urinator. :p
    I can go in fully loaded and ready to burst, but the moment the watcher gets up in my business, my bladder's like, "NOPE!" and just quits on me.
    I remember once though, they called me in the morning and woke up and told me I had to go in, and my brain wasn't yet fully fused for the day. So I get ready, get dressed, brush my teeth, and then....go to the bathroom. My brain decided to punch in for duty halfway through and I was like, "Wait, wait, nooo!" but it was too late to stop lol.
    Spent the next two hours chilling in the waiting room of the testing facility. Go weekend!