Would this be legal....

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  1. If it had a rifled barrel?


    Excuse the weak photoshop style (MS Paint) skills.
  2. s0b3

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    pretty sure this would fall under aow. not a short barreled rifle since it doesn't have a stock.

    The ATF considers a shotgun to be a shotgun.
    There are no "loop holes" that you can squeeze a pistol-sized shotgun through.


  3. neothespian

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    I researched this fully when considering my legal sawed off project. The weapon must not have a barrel shorter than 18.5 inches OR an overall length shorter than 28 inches in the most liberal of states. Other states don't even allow you to modify any shotgun, rifled barrel or not.

    You CAN purchase a manufactured "short barrel" shotgun that is shorter than 18.5", but it requires a class III licence, and those are pretty pricey.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    If it was rifled it would be a SBR.
    It it is smoothbore it either a SBS or AOW depending on setup/grips etc.

  5. Kagern

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    If it was MANUFACTURED with...
    -No 'rifle' stock, short barrel = AOW
    -Stock, short barrel = SBS/SBR

    If it was MODIFIED with...
    -Barrel shortened = SBS/SBR
    -Added a vertical foregrip to an AOW = SBS/SBR

    It is not possible to modify a shotgun/rifle into an AOW to get the lower transfer fee, but several things turn an AOW into an SBS/SBR.

    <Insert I'm not an attorney disclaimer here>