Would you slow down for this?

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  1. Denmark is trying this: (Warning, if scantily clad women (topless) are something you can't handle, don't click)

    WARNING-- If secondary sexual characteristics frighten you--don't open.


    WARNING! NSFW if your work is afraid of the human body.

    but, it'll probably be deleted anyway--a bit racy for some

    (yes, pun on purpose) :)
  2. urotu

    urotu Member

    Great video, lots of fun, not a hint of truth to it. It was all staged and was never even a real program.

    It is fun to watch though, isn't it?

  3. Strangerous

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    That's not funny, i've seen accidents happen by dumba$$es looking at billboards and such... BUT WHAT A DISTRACTION. For those boobies to be fake they are kinda small.
  4. I don't really care about the facts of the video. The truth is, in the US a promotion with young ladies in bikinis will lead to fender benders.

    If we were to try this there would be wholesale slaughter on the road. Not to mention all of the groups on both side of the spectrum screaming out terms like 'exploitation' 'sin' and so on. It could be quite entertaining
  5. urotu

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    It might lead to fender benders, but at least they would be low speed, haha..

    Seriously though, I agree. I used to work in a less than desireable part of town, in the red ligt district as it were. I worked at a car lot as a lot jockey, and have seen at least 10 accidents because of guys staring, ogleing, whistling, cat calling, etc... to the ladies at work as it were.

    This is on a main drag here in Albuquerque and the speed limit was only about 30-35 mph for most of it.

    Still a fun video though, scandanavian girls rock.
  6. i dunno........ I'll have to watch it a few more times and make up my own mind... :twisted: :twisted:
  7. I'd slow down....TO LOOK

    Then i'd stomp it again, do an e-brake 180, and go through again :twisted:
  8. +1 on that
  9. Great Vid!!!

    That would go over like a floating brick in the Bible Belt South though, not to mention all the accidents it would cause. Americans are just not able to comprehend the concept of topless women in public like our European counterparts can.
  10. Ari

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    Ya those guys who hate the French have never been to a French beach. :wink: it is no big deal to them over there. After a day at the beach it was no big deal to me either LOL
  11. bud

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    Now that's funny right there.
  12. elguapo

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    I would have to ensure that the young ladies are not indistress, and casually move along....slowly...
  13. It sure is better than a cop setting beside the road waiting for you.My truck won't go that fast anyway.
  14. I loved going to the nude beaches in Germany, you could always tell the GI's they were the nude guys lying on their stomachs with the cameras with telephoto lenses ROFLOL (and yes, I was one of them ;) )
  15. I read once where you stay in France more then 24 Hr you turn gay. :shock:
    Mr SNS

  16. browwiw

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    I read the same thing once about rodeos and honkey tonk bars. All those spangles and iron creased jeans are a dead give away.
  17. ^ rofl to browwiw and mr. SNS
  18. I dunno about the gay part, but if you stay too long, you run the risk of turning French, and that is a danger in itself. (J/K Ari ;) )