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    OK. Wife wants to donate. My initial reaction is "heck yea." However, I've also heard some rumors that they're not what they claim. One rumor puts them as anti-gun. Apparently that goes back to refusing to do an interview on a pro-gun radio show; which they took so much flack for they eventually sent the WWP President to do. They now have a statement on their web page that they're not anti-gun. But so does the Hildabeast, fwiw.

    Another rumor is that they're big-time top-heavy and very little of the $$$ donated actually gets to the disabled vets. I haven't yet tracked down the percentages, but they're out there somewhere.

    Who's had direct experience with this org?

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    Stay local. Talk to people on base, the local vfw and Legion. My buddy John, the corpsman who got blown up, got turned away by wwp. He just got back from an Elk hunting trip I believe from a different vets group. Let me try and find out which group it was for you.

  3. If you do a search on this forum for "Wounded Warrior" you will get some overview ...
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    I have donated to them locally. If that helps.
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    The Combined Federal Campaign website shows them having a 17.4% Administrative/Funding Rate. That means that almost a fifth of the money they take in goes to overhead.

    They also got their anti-gun reputation when they refused to display a firearms-related business's logo, in exchange for a donation, at one of their events a few years back. Their attitude was, "Sure, we'll take your money, but we don't want to be associated with you."
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    I say donate locally. The results stay local and more of your money goes to the cause.
    I've seen several different sets of numbers for Wounded Warrior, but to me, too much of your donation goes to pay a salary than help a soldier.
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    Running a huge charity operation require individuals who has experience in running a big business. That's precisely what it's needed. Buildings aren't free, utilities aren't free, properties aren't free, etc. Most people don't realize that and get upset with how little goes to actual needs.

    I also would recommend what Rachgier says, stay local, vfw, and legion would be a great start.
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    Well, that's certainly what WWP CEO Steven Nardizzi says when defending his big business style, nearly $500,000 per year salary.

    I gotta admit, however, I find it a bit off-putting.

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    Horse fodder. Yes utilities and some overhead are needed, that's obvious but the ridiculous salaries? Thats a needed expense? No its not.
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    It may very well be if you want to attract and keep the most talented and experienced executives.

    Still leaves a sour taste.

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    It does leave a sour taste. If its really a charity with true charitable intentions though, those talented execs should be donating time and effort and in reality, money, by not taking such a large slice of the pie. Otherwise its no longer a charity,but a business.
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    The fact that these organizations even exist is a travesty of our Government, & the VA. There should be no need for civilians to contribute to the well being of our veterans. JMOP.
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    First, I agree. That pretty much lines up with my sentiment.

    Second, the counter argument is that in order to have a big, successful, charity, it must be run like a business. Failing to do so, the argument goes, is choosing to have far lower income to distribute to your charitable end. IOW, you can have a charity run like a business with top execs pulling $1,500,00 total and being able to distribute $500,000,000 to the charitable recipients OR you can have an inexperienced and ineffective exec giving away his time and have $1.98 to give to the end recipients.

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    I'm a vet. Just have the Boss send me a $100 a week Kirk. She will be donating to my gun collection and feeling good for helping out a poor disabled vet. You can show her that ass shot of me if you think it will help.
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    I'll suggest it to She Who Must Be Obeyed. The PTSD might help.

    I think that would get E sympathy donations instead. ;)

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    Two years ago (2013), I went to their websight and found that more than 60% of their donations went to their operating staff.

    I donate to local VFW/American Legion/Salvation Army groups only.