Wounded Warriors Taxes show $26 Million for Entertainment

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by OldOutlaw, Mar 4, 2016.

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    The DAV got into similar trouble several years ago. The WWP is no different than any other organization that has millions of other peoples money and no accountability. Our Congress is the #1 violator.


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    I wanted to send money to a veteran's group. I get back on my feet it is still in the que. Theses people won't get any.
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    I donated to this SOB's years ago and then I heard the other vets talk about how this group isn't helping anyone but is advertising like crazy and drawing in the Hollywood.
    Both red flags to me.

    I see these guys at gun shows and have challenged them, they dislike this and were surprised when I told them a charity has to make its records shown to the public.

    Would love to shut these blood money grifters down!
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    Sad, something with so much promise and there it goes.
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    We also donated to WWP ,, till a few years ago (about 3 IIRC ) when we learned that high level people were taking high six and seven figure salaries,, with expense accounts of about the same,, while I understand it takes money to make money,, I personally thought that was to much for a non-profit..

    We now donate to,, and have been for the last few years to the Gary Sinise Foundation,, and Infinite Hero Foundation
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    I quit giving to them

    I only donate to The Salvation Army now.

    I sent money to the SPCA one time and they pent more on postage asking me for more money than I gave them. Then on top of that they sold my name to other charities.
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    A lot has come out recently about how they are more of scammers than helping veterans.
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    Just read a link that Charity Watch President says WW has $248 Million dollars
    is SURPLUS! Jeesh! :mad:

    Also, you know they do operate under 3 other names.
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    I donated to Wheels For Wounded, an off road group that helps veterans.
  11. I think I mentioned this in another thread when Kirk was asking, but I had the displeasure of dealing with them while I was in the desert. Bunch of entitled prickwagons. They kept complaining nonstop about the food (which really was not that bad), their accommodations (they were shacked up in a five star hotel in the nearest large city), etc. Also, none of the people that were out there were veterans themselves. One of them was like, "Any good places to eat around here?" And I remember just looking at them like, "Uh...the DFAC's pretty good. And if you don't like what they got...you can wait four hours and they'll serve something else."
    And those guys were ballin'. Doing this was their full time job, and they had the latest iPhones, Oakleys, Gucci, etc. I mean hey, if you can afford it, go for it, but come on now.
    Oh yeah, and they had the balls to piss and moan when we didn't donate to them. One of the Navy Customs guys that lived by us almost killed them; he had had a box of acid explode in his face during an op. His goggles protected his eyes, but the skin all around his face and in his mouth and throat got all burned up. He was kicked out of the Navy for a bit on a medical discharge, and the WWP told him flat out, "Helping you is not cost-effective." Eventually he was able to re-up in the Navy with his same job, and when he found out they were coming, oh man. The glint in his eye? They took away his M9. Seriously, they told him if he was gonna go to their booth, he was gonna go there without his weapons, because he was seriously wanting to slaughter some people. And I'll be honest; we weren't gonna stop him.
  12. Most of the time, the best thing to do to help someone is to physically do it yourself. Cut out the middle man.
  13. Wounded Warrior is a joke. The CEO of a foundation that offers help to our servicemen shouldn't be making ten million dollars are year, paid by donations that people think are going to our troops.
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    What are the three other names?
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    Believe in Heroes

    Soldier Ride


    The first two we have seen around here show up in various towns. They come from
    other states. They have just backed pick ups near the front door of businesses
    and twist your arm for money or some cheap candy they want to sell. Our local small grocery store has had to call Police to have them removed twice in last three years.
    They were not well received by locals and have not been back in last year I don't think.
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    What about this? Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW).
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    Cannot find much on this one. It is not one of the top ones is why. But, I do see they also go by "Warrior Foundation" some times.