Wow assualt rifle ammo prices have gone up!

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by NWdude83, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. NWdude83

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    Went to the gun show the other weekend. 223, 7.62, and .308 have all doubled or tripled in price. I think I'm going to stick with handguns for now. Cause I was thinking about an AR-10 or a Magpul Masada, not any more.
  2. Sept saw a big increase on ALL ammo prices. The larger/heavier the caliber the more the price went up. .44 Mag jumped about 18-25% depending on loads.


  3. jason865

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    The cheapest local .223 ammo I can find in small boxes is remington at wally world at 6.47 for 20 rounds. You can get the wolf steel ammo for $199 for 1000, if you want to spend that much. The 500 round boxes of wolf will run right at $99, if you can even find them. It isnt odd for a day out with the ar to cost $100 to $200, as I dont shoot the wolf steel stuff.
  4. Ridge

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    I ended up selling 100rds of .223 for $20 at a gun show back in the last week of Sept...
  5. jason865

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    As long as it isnt reloads I would buy it off you all day long at that price, and pay the shipping.
  6. 308 is crazy priced.

    But 7.62x39? Thats been pretty stable for the last year. A year ago, the cheapest with coupon was around 150 or so. Today its about 169. An increase of about 19 dollars.

    I still think thats quite reasonable.

    Now 7.62x54r has jumped up. It went from 30 dollars for 300 to 49 dollars for 300 (jg sales).

    I still see wolf 223 for around 200 or so per case if you look around.
  7. billybybose

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    Im just gonna have to suck it up cuz I want a good combat rifle and ammo stash before the assault weapons ban comes back :(
  8. I have a fair amount of ammo stashed up, and plan to sit on it, prices have went up to where a poor boy like me have a hard time affording them these days :shock:
  9. condition1

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    everything is goin up

    check out

    Lake City surplus .223 is really reasonable.
    don't ever buy Indian (turbans, not tomahawks) ammo though.
  10. elguapo

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    Yep, GM was right on the money concerning the ammo prices. Save your brass, gentlemen. Reloading is the way to go.
  11. GlockMan

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    Nothing wrong with shooting Wolf in my guns, most of the price increase with Wolf is dealer price setting way above the norm. They are still buying at good prices but they are jacking the price to use to stay with market norm and pad their own pockets. Wolf .223 should not be selling for more then 129.99 per 1000rds max.
  12. Whittey

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    Wolf has been perfect in all my hanguns. They've had issues with Wolf .308 in FAL's, so I haven't gone that route yet. I'm lookin for a bolt .308 (gonna go with a stock Savage or rice out a Stevens) and reloading to keep my ammo expenditure down a bunch. For pistols i'm generally going with Blazer Aluminum mainly because it's cheaper than Wolf usually.

  13. elguapo

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    I agree 100% Round here, AK ammo and 223 are the same: Around $200 for 1000. Robbery...
  14. jason865

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    I dont think there is anything wrong with Wolf Ammo either. I just dont shoot it in my AR right now because I am trying to build up a good stock of brass before I get ready to start reloading. Where wolf is $99 for 500 rounds, I can get 500 rounds of remington for like 160 or so and have brass that I know for a fact is once fired.