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    I leave for a day and look what happens! Everybody's crying and yelling and accusing the mods of being "dictators"... And then the whole free-fire zone gets locked? Last I knew I was trying to calm Chef down and get him to realize that it was probably a mistake that his post disappeared (I was right by the way), and then suddenly everybody hates the mods (esp. Glockman)... What ever happened to respecting authority? [said in Cartman voice].

    Come on guys, you don't hafta agree with EVERYTHING the mods do, but are they really THAT bad? I still have yet to see ANY mods do anything unreasonable or inconsiderate. The overall goal of the mods here is to make sure the forum runs smoothly, and doesn't turn into something it's not meant to be. All of the mods have put considerable time and effort into keeping things running smoothly. Sometimes that takes making some unpopular decisions.

    I think a lot of people need to chill out and grow up a bit... :roll:

  2. +1 to that.
  3. I think everyone has just got a little too worked up.
    I admit there are times when I get a little heated about what someone posts but I get over it. We're all cool here.
    I think maybe it's just been a bad few weeks for a lot of folks.
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    I guess I get a little heated when someone won't let me voice my opinion or when I do, it's blasted into never-never land, never to be seen again.

    Hey, I can play by the rules but I DO think the rules need to be posted for all to see. In my case it was a rule that was just made up on the fly.
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    It IS clearly posted. There's a rule that says something to the effect that mods can remove any post, for ANY reason they deem necessary.

    I don't know what you posted that you are referring to specifically, but there are a few posts of yours that are almost begging to get yourself a timeout along with Chef.

    I don't want to turn this into another argument thread that will get locked, so I'm not going to discuss this with you any further on an open forum. If you wanna talk, feel free to PM me.
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    For the new people, I'm not a n00b so to speak, for the old guys, sorry if I'm overstepping the new bounds of censorship we seem to have now. ;) It’s really too bad that grown-ups can't be left to manage themselves. I've been in my fair share of disagreements on the old site, but I haven't crossed any lines. Pushed a boundary once or twice, but that's the nature of discourse and debate. I say put up a disclaimer on the forum stating that none of the opinions expressed are the opinions of the site ect and let the fur fly. if someone outright attacks someone else and just cant debate the POSITION and NOT attack the individual, then put them on a last chance agreement. if they do it again, ban them from that forum. you can moderate the individual and not punish the group.

    Religion, politics, and morality and their subsequent affect on society as a whole are pertinent discussions that should be allowed freely. people like Fred Phelps (and those who present their argument along the same lines as he and his group does) only prove that they are in fact outside the acceptable boundaries of even the farthest reaches of acceptability. The Abraham Lincoln quote, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.†comes to mind. In other words idiots always reveal themselves, and just because one doesn't agree with the other, doesn't mean we should clamp shut the iron jaws of censorship on the rest of the group.

    Allow for free thought and discussion, leave those who wish to align themselves with idiocy to their own devices.

    just my 2 cents
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    God knows I've pushed a boundry myself at times. Hell, I've probably overstepped them a few times. But if people are going to behave like children, then they will be treated as such.

    I don't like that the free fire forum was locked any more than the next guy, but in reading back what went down, it was asked for!

    You guys were given all kinds of warnings as to what was not appropriate, and repeatedly pushed boundries until it was locked. Seems more like cutting off your nose to spite your face to me...

    I work with troubled youth, and I see this type of childish, entitled behavior every day. I generally don't see it from adults.

    Moderating a forum (or staffing at youth treatment facilities) is a pretty thankless job. Glockman especially has dedicated a lot of time and effort to this forum.

    He also goes out of his way FREQUENTLY to help people out, and answer questions. He locks a couple of threads that he thinks are inapropriate, and suddenly you guys are acting like he's the next Hitler! GET OVER YOURSELVES!
  8. Dreamthief

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    man, no one is caught on anything. Check what you say before you say it. I've been away for awhile and felt like voicing my opinion. I wasn't involved and I didn't knock any mod, only the method used in dealing with the problem, after which I mentioned a potential solution. maybe you should stop talking to people like children....If it's one thing I've learned in life; grownups tend not to like that. Whether you realize it or not, that's kind of what you just did.
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    Sorry, I was speaking in general terms. ie "you guys". Not trying to single anybody out. If it applies to you, it was meant for you. If it doesn't apply to you, not meant for you.

    The problem is that everybody wants to be treated like an adult, but not everybody wants to act like one.

    From the If-The-Shoe-Fits Dept.
  10. I said a week or so ago that since the changeover the whole "feel" of the board changed. People get all worked up and goofy over the most trivial stuff here lately that it makes it hard to want to get involved in a topic.

    The owner(s) are certainly welcome to run the facility as they see fit and the mods will likely do as they are asked from the top. That is all fine and makes sense. I don't think over moderation is an issue here either. So a member happens to speak up about certain religion(s) and terrorism. Guess what, big deal. People would be amazed at how many others agree with that point of view. But instead of getting into a big hubbub over it either debate it or let it go. Ignoring or burying a problem doesn't solve it. And, on that note, it is extremely difficult having a political discussion forum if people can't express their opinions for fear of being too far let, right, bigoted, or whatever else.

    FWIW I made a change a few years ago on my website. It is very simple. We have "no rules" other than personal rights rules, if that's the right way to describe it. What it amounts to is we do not allow bashing of members for any reason. Virtually no topics are off limits so long as people can conduct themselves in an adult manner. To date it has worked extremely well. It took a short time for some to adjust but after that everyone is smart enough to use their head and act as adults. I haven't banned anyone for failure to follow these simple guidelines yet. I say that only to impress upon people that often times the more rules and restrictions we apply the easer and more common it is for them to be broken. SOmetimes less is more.

    Yet like I say, the "feeling" has changed here in a bad way. I don't know what made it or why it did but it has. I've chosen to stay out of most topics because of the sniping but I seriously hope things calm down and go back to the way it was.
  11. There are plenty of places to go online to spew everything from a close minded opinion to the total hate speaches that some people seem to have around here. Some of you remember what this place USED to be, and that's what we're trying to make it again. This is not your only option to voice your opinion, so please stop acting like it is. This is a FIREARMS forum that is meant for a bunch of guys, and the occasional gal, to come and hang out, relax, and enjoy each other in a peaceful manner. The FFZ was originally created for the occasional off topic political topic and such. You don't walk into your local gun store and start ranting about muslims do you? You don't walk in your local church and vent about politics right? Choose the right format for what you want to say and remember where you are and why we're all here. We're good people who want to have a good time. Those who want to have heated debates and want to do everything they can to irritate people can always do a google search for a new forum, there's no need for it here. That is what is going on. By controling the content we are controlling the atmosphere, and that, once upon a time, was the absolute greatest part of this forum before all the childish name calling and accusations started being flung by the members at the moderators for doing the job they volunteer to do to keep this place from being what every other forum on the net has become.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    WELL!! If ya need someone to pick on feel FREE to make all snide remarks to me I have broad shoulders [with a butt to match] and I just let everything roll off so fire away[He says as he dons his asbestos suit and kevlar helmetcomplete with full face mask :wink: ]
  13. your too easy of a target Z. Some like a challenge, but some don't you may hear from some members.

    HATERS STAY TUNED: Shooter Z Is Satan...coming soon to a free fire zone near you....
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    Overall, I agree. For the most part people will push back if you push. But really the "pushing" that was going on was from one particular member who is currently on time-out.

    He has some valid points on some issues, but he is also one to ram the same thing down the forum's throat repeatedly. It's almost to the point of spamming. He did personally attack a mod, and was banned (rightly so) by another mod. He had several warnings, and all he got for it was a timeout... I'd say that's pretty lax.

    The mods asked that certain topics be "layed off" for a few days, and certain individuals reacted very imaturely. As such, the thread was locked down for a few days.

    I don't think this was unreasonable.

    I don't like it. I wish it had never happened. But it did, and that's frustrating... Likely for everybody who was involved... And some who weren't necessarily involved, and are stuck with the results. [/rant]
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    I am the one who called Glockman a dictator. I did not call any other admins /Mods anything as he is the only one I have a problem with.

    When it is stated that the rules are whatever he wants them to be then that is crap. When he states that he can and will delete or modify any post without explanation that is crap.

    I do not hate him. I can honestly say I do not hate anyone and I have others who have wronged me in alot worse ways than some internet board. I don't call anyone hitler and haven't seen anything else that would make that a valid statement.

    We on this gun board talk alot about those who wish to take our guns. Every time they bring up something that will steal our rights we post about it. There are some who get offended by this. There are some who say it is not a big deal.

    If you are going to have a discussion then it is time to put on your big boy underwear and suck it up. This whole I don't like what you said so I am going to delete it or modify it just because I can is crap. Either you don't allow any discussion or you learn how to act.

    You wanna call someone childish. The attitude of I am taking my ball and going home is one to be encountered on the playground not in the discourse of adults.

    I never saw anyone make personal threats. I don't have any tolerance for that or name calling. When your argument is lowered to these you show your ignorance.

    If you want to have a discussion don't be specious.
  16. Not going to argue this anymore, for now. How I feel has been expressed. I just hope this phase is a quick one and people can learn to grow up and get along soon as it's really tearing this place apart.

    PS Your hand seems to be feeling better Pills. ;-) Glad to see that.
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    thumb doesnt work just right yet but the others move well. Thanx.
  18. So long as you can open a beer and give the finger then I'd say your doin all right.
  19. pills

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    dont do either of those. I can almost swing a hammer though.