WOW first quake

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  1. just got woke up by a 5.4 quake, epicenter 20 miles from here, I woke up and first thought was sounds like a train must be a tornado lol well I was wrong, it was strong enough it woke up a buddy of mine in Louisville which is a good pace away from here.

    always said I wanted to feel a quake and now I have.
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    WOW, good thing you're safe!

  3. People at work are talking about having felt it too. We're 2 hours north of St. Louis on the Missouri side of the river.
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    that is good news. If the 'big one' does come, and they say it likely will, for the New Madrid fault, it is going to be devastating. that thing runs down to near Marked Tree, AR. About 30 min from where I grew up. I can only recall feeling it twice, but it was spooky as all hell.
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    I was awakened by the quake. It shook our house some and made some rumbling noises. I figured it was from the new madrid fault but I guess I was wrong.
  6. in 1992 I was working about 120 miles from Landers quake in CA. It was the largest quake on earth that year I think. It was a "roller", not a thumper and there is a difference. And the darn thing lasted quite long and the aftershocks were many. Scared the crap out of me.

    The job I was working on used lasers to align major pieces of equipment. After the quake, we replaced the laser cause it didn't work. The new one we bought also didn't work. We figured out then that the lasers were fine - they were picking up aftershocks! We recorded over 100,000 aftershocks in about a 2 month time. We had to wait till the laser stopped moving to move the equipment into final place cause we were looking for 0.0010" accuracy. I thought that was pretty cool, even though it was a pain and cost me a bloody fortune on my job.
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    I felt another one about 15 minutes ago.......crap, I hope it isn't leading up to something worse :oops: :(
  8. Well, having a series of little ones may be a good thing: it relieves stress on the fault a bit at a time so it doesn't go boom all at once.

    Some people here in the Atlanta area felt it, but I didn't. My folks, who live 100 north of the epicenter sure did, though.
  9. yeah we had another one about 10:15 local time, really the first one wasn't too bad but having been woke up from a dead sleep after 3.5 hrs of sleep it took me a few seconds to realize what was going on.

    after this morning I think I am definitely gonna start putting together a BOB, emergency bag or whatever ya wanna call it, I have been considering making one for a while but this kinda pushed me over the edge to make it.
  10. Meh, just ole Ma Earth settling in. I remember a couple little ones in NJ. Theres a big old fault that runs thru the Hudson Valley and it just made itself more comfortable. We get them in CO every once in a while. Since yours moved, we might get one to take up the slack, but who knows?
    As a geologist friend once told me: "Shift happens"...heh...
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    Yup. The quake woke me up at about 4:38am (CST) here in western Ky. Felt like somebody had grabbed the foot of my bed and was violently shaking it side to side. Lasted a good 30 seconds.

    This part of Kentucky is so undercut with mines that if we ever get a 'real' (6.0+) quake that we may end up underground.

    Guess I'll be checking out the Survival board to finally get started on that BOB I've been putting off...