WOW! Must be some kinda case!!!

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    Way too much, you can get one online for $175.

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    Sorry, but a used stock 995 isnt worth more than about $150 shipped at the most. Now, since evidently they are hard to find in some areas new, you might can get a bit more than that for them due to demand. Three hundred for a used one though? In the immortal words of Mike Tyson, thats just ludacris.
  4. I can get a brand new one in camo for $191
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    In some areas of the country, hi-points are scarcer than hens teeth.In other areas they are illegal i.e. California. It took me three months to find mine. I paid $249 with red dot scope nib. In that time I found four, two 4095s with extra mags for $249 and one used chrome 995 for $199.Those are not just ugly, they are oogly!
  6. Took me a year to find one local in south florida.
    The one i got was the last one on the shelf and missing the mag![​IMG]
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    My range buddy got one not long back (with the reddot) for $189 new..
  9. Loving that comp/flashhider. Whered you pick that up at?
  10. I love the LAM unit underneath it personally, that's cool as nuts.
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    around here the carbines are tough to come by. I paid $239 for mine and was happy to get it.