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WOW!!! polished the feed ramp tonight!!!

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Well, polished the feed ramp tonight, I used the old dremel, a green bit (soft gritty rubber), a polishing wheel, and im wierd so i used plastix (http://www.meguiarsdirect.com/product_detail.asp?T1=MEG+G12310) because i like how it works on metals all I can say is WOW :wideeyed2: The bullets literally just pop into the chamber :yay!: Now no more gritty half hearted feeding!!! To all the noobs out there I highly recommend doing this, just remember to keep the speeds low, and let the bits do the work. Thank you HPFF i've had my pistol 3 days and its already feeling like mine. Now could you guys do something about ammo prices???

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Newbie here wanting to polish feed ramp, thinking of using my air pen just don't know what type of bit to use. Anyone have any suggestions would be appreciated.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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