WOW SHE HIT IT RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. freedom

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    Thank God. A writer that gets it.
    Take note folks, you wont see this very often.
  2. Mordecai

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    She is 100% correct!
  3. azcarbine

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    Its a great article but notice how much violence she or her friends had to endure before she "got it"? I'm sure a lot of the kids who had to go through Columbine now get it too but kinda late. By the way, it wasn't a security guard like the media is trying SO HARD to push. The lady was one of the congregation and a former Minneapilis police officer who was nothing more than a concealed permit holder who volunteered to help her church. The media wants us to believe that she was uniformed, licensed, approved, and professional since God knows the average citizen isn't qualified to do this. They can't have people starting to realize that they can actually protect themselves without the help of the government now could they?
  4. 69burbon

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    Great article. I get the feeling that she "got it" a while ago.

    In the interview I saw with the woman who stopped the guy in Colorado last week, she stated that she was security (plain clothes) for the church. It doesn't really matter, the point is ONE person with the tools and ability in the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME was able to expedite closure of a bad situation.