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    I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing the customer service is at Hi-Point. Last Saturday I sent my 1999 JH 45 ACP pistol back to Hi-Point. I noticed the slide was a little sloppy (loose side to side) and that I had two FTF the last time I was at the range. Today, exactly one week later I received my pistol back with a note from B.J that said "Made as new". The pistol came with a new slide, slide stop, grips, and I would assume new internals. No more slop in the slide and she's looking good. I can't wait to get to the range. Not only that, Hi-Point sent the ghost ring sight, trigger lock and a new mag to boot. Wow! All of this for a pistol I bought used for under $200. I was considering selling it to help subsidize the purchase of a new Taurus SS PT1911 that I bought last night, but with service like that I think I'll be keeping "Big Bertha", as I've named her. I think my next firearm purchase is going to be another Hi-Point.
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    Id keep it.. by the model id say thats the steel frame one right? i love the grip and flush mount mag on those.

    Hi-Point will always take care of you warrenty wise. Cant say the same for taurus (hear the cust. serv. is horrible, as is S&W).

    what i dont get is why i cant buy a $600 Glock or $1000 Kimber and get the same warrenty or level of service.

  3. right...and they bash hi point!! for the money, i'll stick with hi point...
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    Yes. This has the alloy frame (pic below). I think I'll keep this one around for a while. I just wonder if Taurus provides anywhere near the same level of service for a brand spanking new 1911. Hopefully I'll never need to find out, but if they even put half as much into it as HP does I'll probably be OK with them.

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    NO!!! Taurus does no have customer svc that is anything close to Hi-Point. I am fighting with Taurus right now over the new pt-22 I bought the wife. When the mag has ammo in it you have to almost knock the mag out of it to get it out. Those jag offs are saying it "should be tight in the gun and should not slide out when the mag release is pushed." They even said that with ammo in the mag it should be hard to remove. They are about to seriously piss me off and I will not buy another Taurus with customer svc like this either.
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    I sent in a c9 mag with follower problems and 4 days later I had a new one in hand. That is great.
  7. I won't part with my Hi-Point. It offers to much to pass up for the great price. Not to mention my Hi-Point 40S&W started my love for shooting beign my first pistol. I would of never realized how much I like shooting pistols over rifles if it wasn't for their great value and the truthful reveiws on this site, so I guess I owe all the members of this site a great big THANKS.