Wow, what a deal!!!!

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  1. Bought these from my buddy Aaron today. He told me he needed some money and asked me if I would be interested. When he showed them to me I was like OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

    Anywho, I got another Marlin Model 60 and a Mossberg Maverick 88, with all of his ammo and a never worn National Wild Turkey Federation hunting vest and Mossy Oak Obsession shirt and a 50 round shotty bandolier....


    The only thing is, you have to guess how much I paid!!! :wink:
  2. Wow! That's cool. Let's see...guess how much you paid....$400.00

    That's a SWAG really. I don't have a clue how much they're worth.

  3. You're WAY too high.... Guess again.
  4. I'll say $150....... nice toys btw.
  5. Ok, a cookie to whoever gets it right on... Newskate9 is the closest.
  6. JoeDoe22

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    Dont say you got that for $100 :shock:
  7. CLOSE!

    *All things being relative, I am not telling you what I paid for the guns as that was a separate transaction. The vest, shirt and bandolier were added later and was a separate deal, but it was all paid at the same time. However, I was asking for a guess of total cost.*
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    Come on Primal, it's not nice to rob your friends. :D
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    $140, and you're a lucky guy!
  11. If we are within in $1000.00 do we get them as a prize? :twisted:

    Sweet looking Marlin, those little brutes are actually very accurate and under rated. I'll guess you payed $138.50. (Hope I'm within a grand! :lol: )
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    <---- Maverick 88 All Purpose Field Model. Plan on buying an 18.5" barrel and a Knoxx SpecOps folder-over stock for it.


    Actually, we had 2 people that were right, as the guns themselves were only $100.00 and the turkey vest, shirt and bandolier were $40.00. But, that's not a bad deal eh guys!?
  14. Man that was a deal whatever you paid. Some nice looking guns.