Writing the word "gun" gets boy arrested.....

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Hermitt, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Hermitt

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    So, the word "gun" is an arrestable crime now? :eek:

  2. geekandwife

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    No he was arrested for being disruptive to the school after they asked him about it.

    Once again it is personal responsibility for your actions. It would be like looters in Ferguson saying they are being arrested because a black kid was shot to death. No they are being arrested due to their reactions to that.

  3. What's sad is how recent this is and how fast it's gotten out of hand. I remember when I was in fifth grade, I got into a fight at recess. I am not gonna lie, I was at the ass end of it, but we both got pulled into the principal's office and I got what was called a "discipline slip." Basically just a form that got sent home to the parent so that THEY could dole out the punishment. Basically, mine said that I got into a fight, that I didn't start it, and that I fought back. After he took me out to dinner, he called them and asked why I got the slip. They said it was because I defended myself. He was floored. He was like, "So what do you want me to do?" And they said, on the phone, "Reiterate to your son that fighting is never okay," so my Dad leaned over to me with his mouth clearly to the phone and said loudly, "It's never okay to start a fight; but if someone else starts it, end it, and don't worry, their blood will wash out."

    That man is awesome. :p
  4. Sometimes I am convinced you're a troll, and right now is one of those times.
    You think it's okay to be arrested for being disruptive? I agree being disruptive is not okay, but to be led away in cuffs? Bullsh*t. It deserves a trip to the principal's office, maybe a call to the parents. But cops? Has your Red Star Weekly come in the mail this week?
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    This stuff never ceases to surprise me. I guess the first clue should of been the word dinosaur.

    Plastic knife in the lunch box got one suspended here last year.

    A friend had his elementary school son suspended several years ago for bringing a dangerous vegetable to school. He brought an ornamental pepper plant he was growing for show and tell.

    You can not make up this stuff.
  6. geekandwife

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    We don't know what disruptive means. He could have been rolling his eyes or he could have been throwing desks throwing out death threats. People need to get over the idea that these kids are always little angels and never do any wrong. Police have to be pretty Damm sure the charges will stick otherwise they are looking at a lawsuit. I think as time goes on you will find this wasn't a case where the police over reacted. More details always come out.
  7. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Our English teachers would have laughed and finished correcting the paper.:rolleyes:
    Unless it was a kid they were worried about.
    But even then, it probably wouldn't have resulted in cops being called, unless the kid got physical.

    Geek, you are wrong, again. Nowhere on this planet is it a crime to be disruptive at school, unless you deface property or cause damage or harm to facilities or others.

    Cops should not have been called, unless the kid was threatening folks. With his dinosaur gun.:rolleyes:
  8. undeRGRound

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    This might get me a knock on my door, but here goes:

    Cue the Revolution, boys and girls!

    Time for this BS to STOP!

    The word GUN is what started this, and these PC ba$tard$ got abusive,
    and the kid responded in kind, most likely... That's my guess, until I hear more.
  9. We may have gone to different schools, but we both speak English, and "disruptive" is only close to "destructive" in rhyme only. And really we're deviating from the point; the teachers shouldn't have even talked to the kid in the first place. They did so because they saw the word "gun" and the phrase "take care of business." I wrote a full-length novel in high school (never gone to print despite negotiations) involving everything from nukes to pocketknives, with billions of deaths of people, animals, insects, and microbes. Seriously, it was an apocalypse. I took two chapters from it to turn in as a creative writing assignment in high school; this was only eight years ago. I got an A. There was no teachers approaching me about guns. There were no police. There was an A. Why? Because I completed the assignment as it was assigned to me and I was graded on my spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation. Because that's what English class is about.
  10. bws

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    Obviously the lad was a little miffed after being chastised for bringing up the word "gun". If he were like me, at that age, he was probably trying to clarify why this was such a foul and heinous act. Granted I'm just speculating here, but, at that age, hormones running wild, questioning everything, as well as authority, it's easy to see where he could have shot his mouth off a little too much. Had the teacher and administration had the horse sense to just let it drop, this wouldn't be an issue, and the chance of a school district having to fend of a law suit, would be next to none.
    If I were that boy's parent, I'd hire the sleaziest litigator, give him 50% of any damages and then with what's left, I'd send the kid to a good school & college.

    Teachers AND administrators need to be held accountable for their bad decisions as they are screwing yet another generation up.
  11. SWAGA

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    Mmmmm.....16 and killing dinosaurs........?
  12. ajole

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    NE Utah
    You gotta start sometime.:cool:

    But here's my first response.

    Mmmmmm.....over 30 and still liberal....?
  13. planosteve

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    What caliber of dinosaur gun was it, was it one of the evil assault dinosaur rifles with a 30 round magazine clip? Did he have the proper hunting license with the correct dinosaur tag?
    Now did he harvest the dino and eat it? If not he wasted good dino meat and that is criminal. It tastes like chicken.

    The school officials and teacher most likely over reacted and once the cops were called they were trying to cover their collective tushes and that is why the student was charged with disruption. But by looking at the actions of the school officials it is the school officials that should be charged with disruption as they are the ones who caused the problem by over reacting.
  14. geekandwife

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    Talking out of your ass again... It is illegal in a good many places to disrupt school functions. I will link you statutes later.
  15. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Gee. Nice come back.

    I really don't care what you link to, it's asinine, and so is your position in this discussion.
  16. bws

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    I think Steve is closer to the actual fact of the matter, as the school officials escalated everything with their "zero tolerance" policies, by over reacting. The principal of that school and the teacher should be charged with the crime, not the kid. Right or wrong, the administration and staff of a school are responsible for maintaining an environment that's conducive to learning (Fail #1). The teacher, being an idiolog, created a false threat, as they searched the kids locker and questioned him (fail #2). The Principal should have been the responsible person and told the teacher to back off, but he didn't (fail #3), instead someone calls the police and things get pushed up to the next level. When the police arrived, they should have pistol whipped both the teacher, principal and idiot who called 911, for distracting them from real emergencies (fail #4). And our final contestant of idiocy, the Chief of Police, who freaking defended the officers actions, as a good "bust" (fail #5). Seriously? What next, water boarding for hurting someones feelings? A weekend in the cooler, with felons waiting to be transferred to prison, for cutting in the lunch line?
    I believe the system is broken and it needs to be fixed before any more damage is done. It's ridiculous crap like this eventually makes the news and it's sad that events like this have to be discussed and identified as a "learning lesson" for educators!
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  17. geekandwife

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    All of a half second google search found an entire state that disproves your statement. But you aren't one to let facts get in the way of your bashing...
  18. planosteve

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    Felony lunch line jumping. Mandatory punishment of 15 lashes.
  19. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Too bad you didn't read my entire post.

    Remember this part?

    "Geek, you are wrong, again. Nowhere on this planet is it a crime to be disruptive at school, unless you deface property or cause damage or harm to facilities or others."

    All of 30 seconds reading finds that I was absolutely right.

    So again...you fail.
  20. geekandwife

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    Did you bother to read the law, the simple threat of doing so is enough.

    Now, to break it down for you, a threat does not mean you have to do it. Just saying it is enough to break the law. And not only break the law but it is a Felony that can get you 1.5 years as a first offense, just for making the threat.

    Kids need to learn early that they aren't a big baddass and they have consequences for their actions. If the kid in Fergason had been taught the tough lesson that his actions have real repercussions he might not be dead. Heck in my own family we had a cousin that used fireworks to make a flashbomb and he set it off outside a teachers house. He went to jail for it, as he should. Too many kids today think they are special snowflakes and the rules don't or should not apply to them.