WTB 38 long cartrige

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  1. panoz77

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    Anybody have any or reload any 38 long cartrige? I can't find any and need some for this pistola.

  2. Ehh, just shove a 357mag in it and call it a day :) Honestly I've never heard of the 38 Long, only special and super really. Very interesting though.

  3. biganimal

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    are you looking for 38 LONG COLT?

    the only 38 long that I know of is the 38 long colt or commonly referred to as the 38 LC.

    shouldn't be hard to find some brass.
  4. biganimal

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    midway sells brass, bullets, and dies for the 38 long .........
  5. panoz77

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    No, 38 long cartridge is different than 38 long colt. 38 long cartridge is a black powder cartridge. This thread at gunbroker is about the only info that I could find on it.


    This topic is on the same pistol that I have, a Beistegui Bros in Eibar (spain). Barrel marked 38 long cartridge. Pre WWII pistol. Mine appears to be centerfire, however I am not 100% certain. The firing pin is oddly shaped, it is not conical or cylindrical but is kind of thin and flat, it appears to stike the center of the cylinder but this may be because as it falls forward past the strike area it just appears to hit the center and not the rim area.
  6. Ari

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    38 long colt is the service cartage before the 45 ACP