WTB 995 Classic

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by majicmike, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Only looking one in NC,,Willing to drive a long way for the right deal. Chrome we be a plus.

  2. Im old school I guess,,I like to at least see and hold it before I buy,,Thanks for the link though... BTW the way have all kinds of ammo to trade if you rather have that.
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    You see with Hi Points, you don't need to see the gun 1st. I buy them ALL beat up, missing parts & send them back to MoM for FREE updates & repairs. You have NOTHING to worry about. No questions asked guarantee!!! Being old fashioned will cost you a few $$$.
  4. This is absolutely true. Hi-Point is phenomenal. The first 995 I got was missing parts and had a bulged barrel / cracked receiver. I got a brand new 995 back, with my old serial number. You can buy online, offline, in pitch dark, and no matter what you will end up with a good as new gun (if not better than new!) :)
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    It is a SHAME!
    We can't make the NON-BELIEVER believe?

    2 Corinthians 5:7
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    So, just a question.

    If you send a classic into Mom will you get a classic back or will they send it with a new ts stock? They aren't making the classic anymore. How does that work?

    Just wondering. I don't have a classic but I would like to get one sometime.
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    MoM is not selling Classics anymore, BUT she has ALL the parts to repair one when they come in. If your gun should need replaced, you would get a new TS model. Now having said that, I sent in a 995 Camo Classic before Christmas & she was out of the Camo stocks, so she replaced it with a black stock. But I also sent in a 4095 Camo Classic 2 weeks later & she replaced that one with a Camo stock, go figure!
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    A chrome dome. Nice. What that set you back?
  9. Sadly 240 OTD at a pawn shop.I got tired of looking one. I ran adds on Arms for 2 months with no luck. I was hoping to stay under 2 but I was scared to pass it up.
  10. you did not get hurt on that price.. beans how it is hard to come by and the new TS ver. is almost double of that..
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    After shipping & transfer, it's less than I paid for mine.
  12. Just wondering,,, anybody know how much they sold for back in 95,,,thinking that was the first year. Also I know I could do a little research but anybody know off hand how to date the weapon?
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    I think you have to call HP and tell them your serial number and they'll tell you what the manufacturing date is.
    I've not heard of any other way.