WTB : 995 Mags

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  1. Anyone here have any they can spare? On the cheap? lol I was on my way to a gunshop by my job and called ahead to be disappointed. No 995 mags in stock :( . I was bummed but thought I'd try the good ol' forum. Thanks guys.
  2. Ridge

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    I think you can get them from HP direct for something like $12-13 each...

  3. $12 to $13!!!!

    You tell me where and I'll buy many... cheapest I've ever seen them is $17 (including shipping).
  4. Ridge

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    A while back some guy posted a link that was selling them for like $14 + shipping each...I bought two, and was then told that HP sold them for less...
  5. duker_sponk

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    I've got an extra I could send you. I have a pile of them and not enough ammo to keep them all filled at all times :? Let me know if you are interested.
  6. That's the dealer price, not the factory direct price.
  7. elricfate

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    Factory direct price is still $17 shipping included.

    Also, CheaperThanDirt has them for $14 + Shipping. So if you're making a CTD order, toss a couple of mags in there for funsies.
  8. 995 gun case? what's that look like?