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  1. Ok, I just realized while setting up a server in the living room that the machine that I planned on using doesn't have a DVD drive. Will buy or trade for one if cheap enough. Doesn't have to be fast, only has to work. Internal, external, doesn't matter. Can trade if there's anything you need. Nerd stuff I have a bunch of odds and ends. Enclosures, KVMs, tones of USB cables, spool of cat 5 e, and so on.
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    Hello, i got a used CDRW/DVD drive like new from an hp desktop I swapped it out to a dvd-rw drive. I would rather trade, can you be a little more specific on the enclosures or the kvm switch i could use one of them.

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    Taurus, I have some type of drive in my closet, but I am not sure that it is a dvd drive. It would be tomorrow night before I can get in there and check (I have several boxes of various parts) but if it is a dvd reader I will send it to you, no charge at all.
  4. Wow, free beats all. But as for trade, I forget the brand, but it is a 2 machine KVM that supports ps2 for mouse/KB. Will get some specs on it. And the enclosures I have are regular old hdd enclosures, nothing fancy although one looks all crazy with lights and crap.
  5. Taurus, I just took out an older but serviceable Toshiba DVD reader from my machine, if you can use it, is yours for free, just send me an address to [email protected]
  6. Damn, all this free stuff... Lucky dog.... :D
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    Sorry Taurus, but I dug that drive out and it is just a standard cd drive.
  8. i've got a couple layin around. If the others fall through let me know.
  9. Think I got one comin from Roberto, thanks alot guys, I appreciate it.
  10. I'll put it in the mail tomorrow!
  11. Thanks man, I appriciate it! Lemme know if you want a few bucks for shipping!