WTB: Looking for FTF in Central KY

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    I'm always on the lookout for ftf firearms sales in the Central Kentucky area. If you have something to offer let me know always looking for firearms in .22, 12 ga, 7.62x25, 7.62x39, 7.62x54r, 9 mm, .40 S&W, .30-06. I wouldn't mind traveling to Northern KY, and I'm down in Whitley Co. at least once a month.

    In case anyone wonders, Yes I can legally purchase guns but I can find better deals than on the web(shipping and transfer fees add up), and better selection than from most shops, when dealing with private sales. I was able to get a CZ52 pistol with 2 mags in great shape for $130 several weeks ago. I can't even find them in shops around here and online prices are higher than that.

    I'm particularly interested in finding a riot length/home defense 12ga.; and a .22 semi rifle for a $100 or less in good shape
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