WTB Mosin ATI Stock

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  1. Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've posted. Hoping this new year finds everyone in great health. I was wondering if any of you guys had a Mosin ATI stock you'd like to get rid of? Cheap? If so, shoot me a pm. Depending on price, I might take it off your hands. Thanks guys.
  2. Benny429 is a member here and he runs http://milsurpstuff.com He carries the stock you need for your Mosin, price is $49.99 less shipping. Last time I checked Benny offers members of the HPFF a discount on orders, so PM him and see if its still good, if so he will PM you the discount code prior to placing your order. He is a fast shipper and his S&H charges are really good.

    ATI Monte Carlo stock for Mosin-Nagant

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    Just to add;. He has excellent products and Lightening fast shipping.

    Also His discount almost comes out to be free shipping, as his shipping is some of the cheapest I have found.

    One product was cheaper at Sportsmans guide as I am a member. However with the discount from benny and his cheap cheap shipping I had to purchase from him.

    Did I mention the fast shipping. Also very professional Tracking codes and email update of the status. Ie order FRIDAY night ship monday morning. recieve weds or thurs. and this is a ussual as I have used him a few times.

    wow that was long.

    OK BENNY COPY and paste all YOU want.