WTB old toy slot racing cars & tracks

Discussion in 'Non Hi-Point Classifieds' started by vanguard1, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. vanguard1

    vanguard1 Supporting Member

    looking for old racing slot cars and tracks or anything related.
  2. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Wow vanguard!!

    I was big into slot cars a few years ago. 1/32 scale. Unfortunately I sold everything off already.

    I used the proceeds to put into my 66 mustang. I still have the mustang. It's still not finished.

    I started collecting slot cars when I found an old Strombecker set from the 60's at a second hand store. I paid 30 bucks for it.

    Good luck with your collection.

  3. I'm not sure if I still have then but I had 2 sets of NASCAR in one box ( probably not complete though it was a thrift store find that my father in law found 15 years ago that is from the 1990's.. I think they are in of my storage units.. but I will not be able to get to them till this spring. if you want them buy the time I get them you can have them for the cost of shipping. as I don't have any kids to pass them down to that would like them..
  4. vanguard1

    vanguard1 Supporting Member

    yes thanks kc7wzl, i will take em, well dagwood i used to love to race them when i was a kid, now i am almost 51 and disabled living in a single wide with not much room, and i wanted a hobby that was small, and then i went to an auction and a guy bought a old AFX race car in the box and i thought man it would be nice to start collecting those little cars, they don,t take up much space and you can work on them..lol change tires and stuff....lol. so i am goin to get into it i think, i just bought my first corvette slot car on ebay last night. now i need some stickers for it ....lol.
  5. heh cool... yea I will not be able to get to the storage unit till this spring.. so it may be a month or 2 before I can even look...
  6. vanguard1

    vanguard1 Supporting Member

    i wll be here.....hopefully...lol
  7. Fishy1

    Fishy1 Member

    Define old. I think I have an old Dukes of Hazzard set from the 80's.