WTB Scorpion Tec-22

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  1. griff30

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    In ohio or WV, looking for Scorpion Tec-22, It must reliably fire.
    Price negotiable if it works. May buy one that need some work.
    Why? I got a ton or Ruger mags.
  2. GlockMan

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    Be warned they all have problems, firing pins break as do some of the internal springs. Some need a slight chamber Mod to function properly. Parts are expensive and there is only one or two sources for them.

  3. My local gun shop had one a few days ago when i was there i think they were asking somewhere around $250 for it but dont Qoute me on that here is a link to the store maybe you can call em or somthing.

  4. masfonos

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    HAHAHA Now that's an oxymoron!

    I got one a the Kenton National Coon Dog Trials this past year and it didn't shoot reliably at all and I heard that's pretty much how they all are.

    Price wise, I think I gave somewhere between $250 and a little over $300, I can't remember for sure. When they do shoot, they are pretty fun through. Don't expect a target pistol though.

  5. griff30

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    thanks for the info.
    I think i will just pay $200 to the ATF and cut one of my 10/22s down to an SBR. At least it will be reliable.
    Thanks agian.
  6. Hey griff, the Ruger Charger is coming out soon, suggest holding off and picking up one of those as it wont cost a whole lot more then that $200 atf fee.
  7. griff30

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  8. Those are nice, BUT the charger is cheaper then doin the conversion!