WTB Unventilated Barrel Shroud!!

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  1. ozziemo27

    ozziemo27 Guest

    Anyone have an unventilated barrel shroud for sale? and if so, will it work with the ati laser? thanks!
  2. I've been looking and the only one I can find is the fake suppressor made for an Airsoft pistol metioned in your other post.


    I have no idea if it leaves enough room for the laser.

  3. burboy

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    If you start looking around on Airsplat.com there are several on the market for airsoft guns that might be made to work. If you're willing to spend $50 to $60 there are some that are amazingly realistic.
    Just be aware that each one will have it's own set of problems to overcome and they will all most likely involve the services of a machinist to bore it out, etc.
    One of the biggest problems to overcome is the fact that most of the websites don't give you any dimensions so you really don't know what you're getting.