wtf. now they melt?

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  1. They melt, they blow up in your hands, they fall apart after 5 rounds, they jam, they cause global warming... haven't you heard? lol

  2. "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
    -Mark Twain
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    Actually I remember seeing something about melting point being proposed in some state's legislation as a means to discriminate against budget firearms.

    Hipoint's slide, made of z-mak will melt long before that of an steel slide.
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    Haters are everywhere...
  5. Oh yes, my C9 melted and I used it for a nice gravy. I just though that was a bonus and not a bad thing at all.
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    Zinc melts at 787.15 °F and the slide is made of a Zinc based alloy which should be higher than this.

    The barrel is steel which isn't a problem and I would think the plastic parts of the gun would become an issue long before the slide hit 780 degrees. least I can't fit a Barrel Shroud on my C9, then it would be way way more dangerous.
  7. Hi Point is responsible for:
    My son's bad grades, peeling kitchen linoleum, unusually brown dirt, clouds in the shape of soda bottles, Snack Mix that neither tastes like snacks or mix, loose morals, apples that sass back after being picked up at Walmart, misaligned corndog sticks, noisy sneakers, improper positioning of cooking utensils that create a "hung drawer", moldy dog poo, twisted guitar necks, long redlights, short yellow lights, missed greenlights, and unusually large bosoms...just to name a few...heh
  8. the dealer were just bs, they are making the commends on the melt point law(or what ever they call it). is state like california they try to stop more people to buy guns by making lower cast handguns (which make my alloy frame) illegal. they claim gun frame or slide made by alloy has low melt point therefore not save to fire. but HP is not make with alloy frame (polymer) nor slide (steel).

    most dealer don't like to sale hp because they don't get too much of mark up, old news. and we all know most dealer will tell you anything in order to get you buy the gun HE WANT YOU TO BUY.

    ps, here is the melt-point law article.
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    Frickin gun snobs. All a bunch of crap spewed buy people that have never owned or even shot one. I trust what they say as much as I trust a cheap hooker with the clap.
  10. Conventional wisdom and common sence can be hard to find in some populations.
  11. If the frame of a hi-point is polymer, and the frame of a Glock is polymer, then wouldn't they both melt at the same temp? The poymer frame of any gun would be an issue long before the slide or barrel ever had a problem. The other metal in the Hi-Point slide is aluminum right? It has a melting point of 1229*F. This would raise the melting point of the zinc way up.
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    irony :lol:
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  14. lmao. sounds like somebody got bs'd by a dealer.
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    um............. guys its a two year old topic
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    We like bringing these zombies back to life. We don't have to shoot these.
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    From what I heard Hi Points melt in your mouth, not in your hand!
  18. Yeah sure, My melted after I ran 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 rounds through it consecutively!! So Hi -Point gave me a new one because they stand behind it. Those guys are grade A mongoloids.