WTR (Rent) or WTB Mosin Headspace Gauge

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  1. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    Looking to rent or purchase at the very least a field gauge for the mosin. Please :wink:
  2. We need to buy one as a forum and keep it moving as people need it. I need to "rent" one too.

  3. I think that's a really good idea.... Who's got one?
  4. I have a field gauge, how could we do this and be fair to all parties involved? Rent that is, I have 5 weapons in that caliber and dont really want to sell it.

    Some sort of round robin maybe?
  5. Depends on how strict you want to be with your rifles.

    For instance the MN's were routinely checked and passed with the field gauges because they were being checked in the field by the armorers. They considered it to be safe to shoot if it passed that gauge.

    A lot of them that are safe to shoot will fail the no go gauge.

    Well guys, looks like you have the choice of field or no go. You aint gonna get any better than that.

    A bullet will do the same thing as a go gauge, if the rifle will close on the shell it just passed the go gauge

    It is important to check your rifles though, my Romak 3 blew a couple of primers, and when I checked it with the field gauge, it swallowed it and I had to send it back in for repairs, and this was a "new" rifle assembled out of used parts.
  6. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    I only need field guage. I will pay shipping plus a little extra and ship it off to the next on the list.

    I'll volunteer to keep track of the list if you guys want to rent out your guages. ARFCOM had a barrel threader passing around where the next in line would pay shipping plus a small amount to the owner.

    how's exact shipping plus $2 sound?

    once there is enough 'profit' the owners can purchase new gauges and the old pass-arounds belong to the forum.
  7. Something like that sounds reasonable, at 2 bucks a pop, it would take a few members to pay for the gauge, I cant find the paper but I think I payed about 25 or so for it.

    how many members would be interested in this?

    Or if not enough people are interested, we can do a round robin to the ones that need it and then it comes back to me at the end.

    Either way is fine with me.
  8. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    well you can bump it up to $10 a pop after i check the headspace on my new toy as far as im concerned.

    Who ever had the gauges last would be responsible for replacing them in full at current price for a brand new gauge of the same quality if it were to be lost or damaged.

    Delivery Confirmation would be a good idea to eliminate the "lost in the mail" excuse.
  9. I've got two MN's that need to be checked before shooting. I was planning on buying a gauge, but will see where this heads.
  10. I have $32 in the no-go gauge, $28 plus $4 for shipping.

    Who is to say I send to "Joe" for $4 (shipping) and $2 (rental) and I never see it again ? It will take $32 to replace it.
  11. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    I understand your mis-trust Hitman as you are fairly new to the group. There are some guys here who have been around since the dawn of the forum and i think the friendship/trust runs pretty deep.

    It's much appreciated that you'd offer to rent the tool and you're welcome to charge what you want for it. I believe the field gauge will be more in demand.

    Sending the gauge for $32 would result in it being 'sold' and would therefore not warrant it being returned, only passed on for another $32.

    I started this thread because i didnt want to pay full price for something i'd use once, and i figured there might be others like me.
  12. silverado and myself have reached a deal, 2 bucks a pop, to be sent to me when you get the gauge, please use it, and then send it to the next person that needs it.

    I am asking that you use del conf. so if it goes missing whoever is responsible will pony up the cost to replace it.

    Please treat it as you would want me to treat your tool.

    As far as whos next, get with silverado and hash that out.
  13. elguapo

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    No matter how it works out, I would be interested in using the said tool :)
  14. I'm not questioning the long time members, but you have people joining daily and you or I have no way of knowing if this person is trust worthy.

    A better structure (IMHO) would be

    I paid $32
    #2 pays 25 (I get most of my money back in case I never see it again)
    #3 pays 20 (ends up paying $5 rent or gets the gauge for $20)
    #4 pays 15 (same as above, but gets a gauge for $15)
    #5 pays 10 (same as above)
    #6 pays 5 (I could end up buying the gauge back for $5 or less)
    #7 on pays $2 plus shipping

    I'm looking to buy another Mosin Nagant right now, I'll need to gauge again.
  15. Strangerous

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    I got a better idea, how about the 5-6 of you who want to use this gauge, all pitch in and get it, pass it around, and then when everyone is done, donate it to the forum, and have whoever needs it pay S&H to and fro... or someone can hold it untill someone else needs it.

    HitmanHarleyK is worried about lending his out, and has every right to be.

    If something isn't decided on soon, I'll buy one myself and donate it to the forum, heck, it's the least i could do to keep my HPFF homies safe, right?
  16. I've already made a purchase from a individual here and never received the item, I'm out the money because I trusted some one from another state.

    Hell, I paid http://www.hi-pointfirearms.net for a item thru Paypal on 1/20 and I've gotten nothing. I've emailed them with a copy of the Paypal transaction and they haven't responded. The 2 other times I used them I got emails from Shirley saying it had shipped.
  17. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    Alright fellas, it's settled, hitmanharleyk is out, his no-go gauge is definately no-go. I will make a final decision on friday, hopefully i can speak with a few of you in chat, as posts take time to both type and respond to. TTYL

    Why would you buy from someone (fordman49450 i believe) who has only been active since 1-3-08, only selling items in the trading zone, and has no track record with HPFF in the first place? (If this is what you are talking about)
  18. It wasn't the fordman49450, I backed out of that deal because I didn't feel comfortable with it.
  19. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    If a member jip'd you off, call him out.