WTS 308 Carbine $350

Discussion in 'Non Hi-Point Classifieds' started by pills, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. pills

    pills Guest

    Remington 788 308 carbine. 18.5 inch barrel. It holds 3+1. Comes with what you see in the pic other than the blanket.

  2. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I like the color scheme!

  3. pills

    pills Guest

    i cant take credit for it but it is pretty cool. The black is almost like the stuff you put on steps to hold on to if that makes sense.
  4. PrimalSeal

    PrimalSeal Well-Known Member

    Kinda like skateboarders grip tape. Cool looking gun Pills.
  5. pills

    pills Guest

    Probably similar. It is not too rough but it def helps you hold on...
  6. lot of the guys over at sniper central mod stocks with grip stuff of different sorts.

    Very nice, I like it.
  7. pills

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  8. unlearned69

    unlearned69 Guest

    Where are you located?
  9. pills

    pills Guest

    Oklahoma but I will ship it to your FFL if needed at cost. Should run around 15.