WTS Ballester Molina .45 *UPDATE*

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  1. *UPDATES*
    My aunt has a .45acp Ballester Molina, 1950's or older, for sale. She bought it in '02 for $450. She has never fired it and it is in excellent condition. Asking price is $350, obo. I/We live in Nashville TN, area. Willing to do an FFL transfer with assistance, this would be a first time thing for me though.

    This is an excellent gun. I fired three rounds through it to see how it felt and it was like butter, so smooth and creamy.

    I would buy it but my wife thinks one gun is enough, plus we really don't have the money for it. :twisted:

    PM me or sbroomheadsr for details/interests. Still don't have pics, just had back surgery on 3/31.
  2. Oooo....I want that thing...wish you were in NC