WTS - Knoxx Copstock for Mossberg 500

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  1. I got a Knoxx Copstock for my Mossberg 500 HD gun as part of a package deal lately, but the missus prefers the ATI so it's surplus to requirements. It's used without packaging but it's in great condition and complete. If you want a solid folding stock that's built like a tank and reduces felt recoil, this is the one. Knoxx no longer seems to sell this, having moved onto the M4 style SpecOps (I may just be dumb, I couldn't find on new while I was looking for one) and I'm damned if I know why, it looks great and is tough as nails.

    Here's some pics of it mounted on my Mossberg:


    Not folded (but you figured that out already!)

    I'm wanting $85 shipped (it's not light, so a good part of that is shipping) but I'll consider any interesting trades. Payment can be either USPS money order (preferred) or Paypal (+3%). Any questions, PM or email, either is fine.
  2. Bump for great justice (and reduced price).

  3. Weird, it won't let me edit the old post.......

    Ok, reduced to $75 shipped.
  4. Does the forward grip come with it too, or just the rear folding stock?

    I have a Mossberg 500 in wood, and the front wood grip just wouldnt look right
  5. Just the stock. The front grip is an ATI though and not expensive.