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    I posted this since I saw another laptop on here for sale. Not asking much. I based my price on what similar specs were going for on ebay. I work in IT I am a Desktop Support Tech so I know the machines inside and out. I am trying to move these laptops because I have 4 total. I have one brand new Dell that is issued to me from work. I have a older IBM thinkpad that I purchsed used from ebay a year ago that I use very little (had linux on it,) I have a old Dell laptop issued to me from work that is way past its end of life for our environment that I was given and another Dell from work that is at end of life that I use for my main latop. I am trying to sell my IBM thinkpad and my Dell C600.

    IBM Thinkpad T20: 900Mhz, 384 Megs Ram, 20 Gig Hard Drive, DVD-ROM Drive, Floppy Drive, AC Adapter, Battery, Carrying Bag

    Negatives: Battery does not hold a charge at all, so AC Adapter needs to be plugged in, on left side of LCD screen has a slight line running up and down it, visable only part of the time. going on ebay for 180-300.00 asking 150.00 plus shipping
    Dell C600: 1 Ghz, 256 RAM, 10 Gig Hard Drive, DVD-ROM drive, Floppy Drive, AC Apapter, Battery, Carrying Bag. going for 220-290 on ebay asking 200.00 plus shipping which is around 20.00
    Negatives: None, besides age.

    Neither of these laptops you are going to be playing Quake 4 on but if you are looking for something just to surf the web or look at movies and videos these do it just fine. I used to use both and take them when I would spend the night at my girlfriends house. I can load any OS on it and any software on it if you want. XP, Linux, Office, whatever.

    Or Just make a offer [email protected]