WTS: NAA .22lr Mini-revolver.

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  1. Would anyone, in the Middle Tennessee area, be interested in a LNIB North American Arms .22 Lr 1-1/8" barrel Mini-revolver?
    This baby is the perfect pocket gun; I can carry it in any pocket and it isn't noticeable. I have only shot 100 rounds through her, but she shoots great.
    I love the gun, and like the size, but I have gorilla mitts and find that I have trouble keeping a good grip on her. This is the perfect BUG; the epitome of a BUG.
    I paid $210 OTD. I would like to get $180 for it. I would prefer an FTF, but would be willing to do a transfer (I would have to raise the price to offset costs though). I have never done a transfer so I would need step-by-step's.

    If the price is too high PM me and let me know, please.

    Here is a picture of it in my gorilla grip:
    And here it is with my C9 for size comparison:
  2. If it were the .22Mag or convertible .22lr/.22Mag I would get it in a heart beat. I have a convertible and shoot nothing but Mag's in it, course the wife confiscated it as her own so I am in the market for another.

  3. *SOLD*
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