WTS Once fired brass in common calibers

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  1. I have an ongoing supply of indoor range brass in 38 spl, 9mm, 40 smith, 45 acp, 357 magnum, 380 acp and 223/5.56mm. I have other calibers such as 44 magnum, 357 Sig 308 win and FN 5.7 and others to a lesser extent so be sure to inquire for availability. Brass has been machine sorted and hand inspected to removed damaged cases. Brass is not tumbled.

    45 acp $70/1000
    380 acp $65/1000
    38 spl $69/1000
    223/5.56 $70/1000
    9mm $28/1000
    40sw $27/1000

    Prices is plus shipping. Will give break on shipping for large orders. Shipping is typically USPS flate rate boxes actual cost. Preferred payment is USPS money order or Paypal + Paypal fees which typically works out to 3%. Other forms of payment accepted with mutual agreement.

    PM me to check for availability of other calibers or special arrangements. You can also email me at [email protected]