WTS Possibly trade Marlin .45 ACP Carbine NEW! not fired

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    ALRIGHTY get your .45acp socks on because here is a nice Marlin .45ACP Carbine that has not been fired. I bought this thing some time ago and resolved not to shoot it. The fellow I bought it from his dad died..(They had a gun store) and he was selling a bunch of the left over guns. This is one of the gems from that. Comes with one Marlin magazine (Lots of aftermarket mags available drum mags etc.) And I believe it will accept standard 1911 Magazines.. I do not have the owners manual or box but Im sure a call to marlin would get you a manual on it. I find some evidence of it being store and some gun sock lint in the barrel but this thing for all practical purposes has never been fired (No brass streak on the magazine follower)..

    Anyhow she is up for grabs
    Here are some features: (From a sales excerpt)

    Self loading automatic action
    Last shot bolt hold open
    Swivel studs
    Manual bolt hold open
    Mag safety
    Solid top reciever
    Adjustable folding rear sight with high visibility orange front
    Walnut finished maine birch pistol grip style with Mar-Shield TM finish
    Garand type safety
    Hard rubber buttplate
    Loaded chamber indicator
    Micro groove rifling
    Drilled and tapped
    6.75 lbs Barrel length is 16.5inches
    This thing is fricking sweet!

    Here are some pics of the actual unit.

    Price $650
    Shipping $20 to FFL of your choice
    Payment Via money order (USPS)

    Open to trades Make offers etc.