WTS shotty Bandolier has been SOLD!!!

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  1. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest


    Wifey, with good intentions, thought I'd like a bandolier for my custom shotty. I like her train of thought, but I'd like extras to put on the weapon as opposed to being worn for firepower.

    - This looks to be a Blackhawk brand nylon shell holder Bandolier
    - Tried on once for fun..and pics, then put away for re-gifting..or you all
    - Worn accross the shoulder-adjustable for fit.
    - Holds 25 shells, 24 Winchester slugs & 00 Buck already included for you.
    - Included with the bandolier and shells, I'll throw in another Winchester 15 shell box of 00 Buck.



    Yours for $36 plus $9 flat rate S&H Paypaled to kunlao21@yahoo.com .
    Please post or PM any questions or inquiries.

    Thanks All!!![/b]
  2. misfit4645

    misfit4645 Guest

    email me if you dont sell it--id rather see you get asking price and im a ball buster...hehehehe

  3. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest

    Reduced to $35 shipped to your door!
  4. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest

    Sold "Strangerously" fast to the above mentioned!

    Thanks all!
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