WTS/T Maverick 88 "Field" Parts (Tampa Bay)

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  1. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest

    Hi all, I'm shooting for $75 OBO. Or break up and trade or whatever you might wanna entertain.

    I'd like to sell my leftover stock items after my first monstrisity:



    After "Operation: Tacticool," I have the following stock parts in great condition:

    - $60 28 inch ribbed barrel w/ beaded sights for a Mossy Mav 88
    - $10 Stock forend
    - $10 Stock mag tube,
    - $10 Stock synthetic shoulder stock.

    PM or post any questions and I'll get back ASAP to you.

  2. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest

    We can entertain any trades/offers. What's the worst that can happen, a "No thanks."

  3. jason865

    jason865 Guest

    I may be intereseted in the stock, but I am waiting on someone else to see if they have one before I spend any money .

    What is the best you could do on the whole setup?
  4. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest

    pm replied, thanks for your interest