WTS WTT Tucson AZ CF-380 Comp. $110 FTF! NEW!

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    Wts: The wife for Christmas bought me a CF-380 Comp (she is ok W/me selling it) anyhow Brand new Never fired includes 8 round mag and 10 round mag with tools and Ghost ring site and trigger lock. Ill throw in a Hi point plastic pistol case (Not pictured) Nice padded lockable black pistol case with foam padding inside W/Hi-point Logo on the case

    I will include a Box of Hornady 90 Grain JHP/XTP ammo 25 rounds (Costed $17) FTF sales only for now

    [email protected]

  2. If you just got the pistol for Christmas, why are you wanting to sell it? Not that it matters, I am just curious.

  3. pills

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    FYI Fedex is the only carrier that will let you ship a handgun and some locations will not even do it then

    Unlicensed persons cannot ship a handgun by US Mail.

    UPS does not allow shipment of firearms FROM an unlicensed person (even to an FFL), unless the stated reason for the firearm shipment is for repair or modifications.

  4. Sakdog

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    Sure Is strange. I recieved my XD-9 ordered from gun broker at my FFL and it was shipped USPS Priority mail from a non FFL holder.. If you put it in a box that wont fall apart they dont know whats inside.. I guess?
    I might keep it.. I dont want it.. My wife, having never bought a gun didnt do her homework, So she bought a gun and gave it like any other gift.. Keeping the receipt and pulled a "here is the receipt if you dont like it return it" not knowing that there are no returns where this gun was bought. So... I really dont have a need to add a .380 to my collection of calibers... I figure I will try to ask the store if they will let me do an exchange or get store credit or something like that. Right now I have a need... A dire need for either a Kel-tec PF-9 or possibly some sort of nice used .357 and Maybe a Hi-point JHP... So unless I can figure out some way to logically ship this thing thru my ffl guy or something I guess Ill keep it.

    OR if you are in Tucson! FTF sale will be $110. Ill bring it to you and give 25 rounds of Hornady XTP hollowpoints
  5. Tucson, huh?

    I will be driving through Tucson in about a week on my way to Vegas.... We might have to talk Sakdog.....
  6. pills

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    From the same link

    Federal law requires that the carrier be notified that the shipment contains a firearm and prohibits common or contract carriers from requiring or causing any label to be placed on any package indicating that it contains a firearm. [18 U. S. C. 922( a)( 2)( A) and 922( e), 27 CFR 178.31]
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    Ugh.. No shipping.. I figure to ship this thing might well put it out of the realm of reasonable charges... my FFL holder will want at least $25 and then Fedex overnight will cost my other leg...

    Hey Primal IF you are interested shoot me a PM maybe we could work a trade or work something out.. that would be Awesome! I can meet anywhere along I-10 so as not to cause you any delays on your trip to Vegas!

    BTW: to all concerned... The wife knows im selling it and is completely for it.. I showed her some pics of the other guns that will be bought to replace this one and she was pretty excited because they are "WAY CUTER"
  8. I will PM you about it tomorrow Sakdog, I need to get to bed soon as I have to be at work to check in at 0700.... Don't have to work tomorrow, just have to check in....
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    Just a question, as I've never had a hi-point pistol, what is that ugly hunk ofg plastic sticking off of the front of the barrel, and off of the bottom of the mag
  10. Off the front of the barrel is the compensator, and off the bottom of the magazine is the handle extension for the mag itself.
  11. Sakdog

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    That is the flux capacitor the plastic on the bottom of the mag is the battery for the flux capacitor... Thanks for answering that Q for me! .. Its the compensator.. (Can Be Removed) Just will have about .5 inches of barrel sticking out in front of the slide.

    P.S. To all concerned for an extra $10 Ill buff the feed ramp to a mirror like finish