WTT 30rd SKS mag for two 5rds SKS Mags

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  1. NeWcS

    NeWcS Guest

    I have what I believe a 30rd or maybe 40rd mag. I'd like to trade it for 2x5rd mags. I would also trade it towards a Monte Carlo Stock for a MOSIN NAGANT M44?

    Anyone interested?

    Mag on the right is a 20rd'er



  2. Mordecai

    Mordecai Member

    I don't have any mags, I just wanna know why you're trading away the bigger mag, lol.

  3. NeWcS

    NeWcS Guest

    LoL, Cause it is more tempting to load the big one than 2 - 5's. With the price of ammo I need some sort of help. lol, I figure with the bigger mag Ill get sick of loading it after awhile and save myself some $


    Also, With a 5rd mag I can use stripper clips.

  4. kunlao21

    kunlao21 Guest

    I understand the potential urge and inherent co$t to fill to capacity! I actually have (2) - 10 rounders from promag if that helps. I'm accepting an SKS as an FFL transfer sometime and picked these up in preparation....ordered new and unfired..these haven't touched a round or SKS.

    If you want to trade these, we can swap out and pray I can fight the temptation to not fill every mag I have to total a day's pay.

    PM me
  5. NeWcS

    NeWcS Guest

    Got it.